Essays on the Main

Vladimir Antonov,
Ph.D. (in biology)
Translated from Russian by Vladimir Antonov
Corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

        Table of Contents
        “RELIGION” — AGAINST GOD?   
        “ICE AGES”   
        TO BE A LORD — OR A SERVANT?   
        IF I WERE THE BOSS…   
            Forest Fires   

        ON FAITH (selection of citations from “Legend of
        Rada and Alexey”: Conversation with the Elder Nicholas)




        Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens
        God has planned the “manifested” world in such a way that some animals are predators, and others are their potential victims.
        Hunting for their victims, predators improve their qualities in the evolutionary aspect, among which, at the first place, is the intellect. Let us recall, for example, group hunting of packs of wolves, killer whales, and some other mammals.
        Potential victims of predators also improve themselves, participating in ensuring their bodies and bodies of their cubs and friends.
        Just like, many modern people either choose for themselves the role of predators — or they unwittingly become victims.
        That, how God plans our destinies, is determined, first of all, by how we ourselves see our meaning of life and where we direct our attention in life. For example, many see the meaning of their lives in pursuit of earthly riches and a “social position”, or in pursuit of satisfying their greed, aggressiveness, sexuality. In others — on the contrary — dull passivity dominates…
        … But people, who are sufficiently developed in the evolutionary sense, switch their attention from the sphere of interaction with other people on the principle of “predator-prey” — to God in the Aspect of the Creator. And after that, they acquire the fullness of the Protection from the Holy Spirits and actively grow — as souls — under God’s Guidance, obtaining the Divine qualities. In my opinion, only these people deserve the title Homo sapiens — people who are namely reasonable. Yet the rest — so far — just homos erectus — people upright.
        … The meaning of life of both all the diverse beings, and of specifically each of us — consists in the evolutionary development, that is, at the end, after many successful incarnations in material bodies, having reached the Perfection, to flow into the Creator, enriching Him with ourselves.
        It is for this reason that God has placed each of us in the world of matter, having embodied in the human bodies.
        Two major stages of this development of each human soul can be distinguished: a) unconscious, that is, similar to the creatures of the animal level of development, and b) conscious, that is, when God has already become the Main Object in the worldview, the Main Goal for personal comprehension and the Main Personal Teacher. (It is also possible to bear in mind the intermediate, transitional stage. These are people with developed intelligence, but not yet have acquired the true religious knowledge, following in their lives the atheism or religious primitivism.)
        Minimum Program and Maximum Program 

      for Spiritual Devotees
        What do we need to master from the minimum program — to become like our Divine Teachers?
        — Stability in the Divine subtlety of consciousness.
        — Hugeness of the subtle consciousness.
        — The dominant Mergence (Consubstantiality) with God in His Abode and in the Light-Fiery states of the Holy Spirits.
        — Developed ability for active actions by the Hands of Consciousness.
        The subsequent deification of the matter of the body is a maximum program, which also makes sense.
        In the process of mastering the above, the adept helps others in this and — through it — develops in oneself the aspect of Wisdom.
        … This direction of spiritual work can be identified with the words Modern Developed Hesychasm. Although such terms, as true Sufism and Vajrayana, Raja- and Buddhi Yoga, are also suitable.
        Life “According to Cliches” — or Life on Principles, 

      Offered by God
        Most people of all countries live in accordance with cliches of behavior that are common to particular sects or human traditions. It is about how to dress, what one can and what cannot do on certain days of the week or on “holidays”, which “religious” movements, prayers, or incantations should be performed. This also includes the religious tradition of mutilating the sex organs of both men and women.
        And after all, homos erectus can be convinced that for all this is the Will of God!
        But what’s the use for God from all this?! He needs us as the Perfect Souls, and not at all as the primitives, observing stupid “rules”, invented by equally stupid people!
        It is often seen how God becomes completely ousted from the worldview of the masses of such pseudo-adepts of religion — with these “rules”!
        … Homos sapiens, wondering, observe how primitive people distort religious truths — right up to the opposite!
        God invites incarnate people to devote their lives to becoming better in accordance with His Doctrine of Love, Peace, Subtlety, Wisdom — but pseudo-pastors can preach (clothed in religious form) violence, murders, bullying, development in themselves the infernal qualities, believing that by this they will deserve a paradise…
        A characteristic example is the relation to beauty, including the beauty of a naked body. The Holy Spirits try to explain to us that the true erotica, which refines souls, is an important device for spiritual perfecting! But there are sects, opposing God, insisting that it is a shame, sinful deeds, leading to hell…
        The same — and with respect to ethically impeccable sex — as a means of refinement of consciousness, comprehension of tenderness, harmony, and peace, the possibility of developing in oneself caring for another…
        On Prohibition of Abortions
        There is no doubt that abortions are evil. Although are guilty in this, as a rule, namely men, not women!
        To avoid this evil, sexual education of children must be conducted, beginning before the age when pregnancies become possible.
        Also adult fighters against abortions are not able to understand that there is no and there cannot be a murder of man by an abortion! Can be killed — only the rudiment of the human body!
        One of the foundations of elementary spiritual illiteracy is the lack of understanding that man is not a body! Man is the soul!
        To kill man — in the truest sense of the word — there is no possibility! People do not have ways to kill man-soul — neither by abortion, nor by any other way!
        Although God usually does not give people the right for killing human bodies.
        … To those, who intend to continue the fight against women, who want to part from unwanted pregnancies, I can offer a more radical slogan: “Ban menstruation!”. Every menstruation indicates the death of an egg, from which the “man” could come out!
        (But how it could be implemented, I will not prompt: or someone will seriously insist that all women must be chronically pregnant, then there will be almost no menstruation.)

        On Implanting Dementia
        In one of the books known historically (I will not name it, so as not to offend involuntarily any of my readers), such a “moralizing” story was told:
        In a certain area, a crop failure occurred. Habitual food was scarce. Monks, living in solitary hermitages, began to starve.
        It was at the beginning of the summer, green sprouts were growing, including in vegetable gardens…
        And so, one of the starving monks came to visit another and asked to give at least something for food…
        He was offered a crust of moldy bread…
        The monk ate this bread — and then writhed from the severe pain in his stomach.
        But, in gratitude for this sincere gift, he spent a whole day weeding the beds of the second monk…      
        … What are the mistakes here?       
        The first is that moldy bread should never be eaten! And, moreover, no one should ever “give away” it to others! Unlike some other types of molds — molds, growing in bread, always cause severe damage to the digestive system!
        But the second mistake is more indicative from the point of view of human stupidity. At the beginning of summer, masses of fully edible green plants grow everywhere, which can be eaten both raw and cooked, and dried or salted for future use! Including, those plants which were weeded out and thrown away by the first monk, could be used for food!…
        I met people who walked their feet on food, but ached because “there is nothing to eat!”. Under their feet, were glague, nettle, wild cereals… Plus — young foliage on the trees. But those people were unshakably convinced that food is only what is sold in a shop, plus what is “accepted” to grow or be collected in a forest!
        … One day, in the years of my criminally unreasonable youth, I shot black grouse, which had been before wounded in the wing by another hunter. He was deprived of the opportunity to fly up on birches — to eat the usual food for black grouse in the autumn: birch catkins.
        In the stomach of that unfortunate bird was… usual grass. This bird showed itself smarter than that homo erectus, who was in the mentioned book presented to readers as a model for imitation…
        “Religion” — against God?
        We have already discussed that some “religious” rules and customs, invented by people who are very far from God, are — from God’s point of view — destructive, harmful.
        I will give one more example:
        There is an opinion in a primitive sectarian social environment that any attempts to become better are unacceptable, because they can evoke pride (pride because of one’s own achievements). And pride, they say, is the most terrible sin!
        So people of vice justify both drunkenness, and any other vices and crimes.
        But the Founder of Christianity taught namely the opposite: for us to become Perfect, how perfect is our Father in Heaven (Mt 5:48)!
        Conclusion: it makes sense to study the Teachings of God and follow it — rather than the opinions of representatives of certain sects.
        However, this requires a level of intellectual development no lower than that of that black grouse…
        So, we should strive to develop intelligence, rather than being content with primitive fun like contemplation of how others play ball, honoring it as the main thing in their lives, and not with false hopes that someone will “pray” for me — and so will save me from all my sins and from hell…
        On Sectarian Narrowness of Thinking
        Sects are religious associations of people whose worldview differ significantly from the true knowledge about God, His Evolution, and our responsibilities in this regard.
        Moreover, the more primitive the sect, the more aggressively behave its leaders in relation to other religious associations: they have to keep in obedience and retain their “flock”! Because such leaders are “fed” financially from their duped adherents.
        At the same time, “adepts” of the sect can be kept in fear of punishment for attempts to leave the sect or for doubts in it rightness.
        One of the indications of sectarianism is instilling hatred and hostility toward all dissidents and freethinkers.
        It is clear that spiritual success is excluded in this situation: the Creator does not allow people with such pronounced vices to approach Him!
        On the contrary, the development in oneself of the ability to differentiate between truth and falsehood may be conducive to the achievement of spiritual progress. This is called the ability to think critically.
        Personally, I managed to walk the Path to the direct cognition of God — thanks to the fact that even at the very beginning of my spiritual awakening in this earthly life, I defined for myself such credo: “To accept and integrate all the best from all good!”.
        … Once followers of one of these sects started talking to me — with the intention of turning me to their faith. I answered them quite benevolently, agreeing with the right things I saw in their sermons and gently trying to correct in the wrong.
        At the end of our conversation, they offered me to take as a present the brochure printed by their publisher, entitled “What Is the Meaning of Life?” I flipped through it and realized that only this question was put there, yet there were no signs that the authors even approximately knew about the answer themselves.
        I thankfully and politely declined the present and offered to take in response my brochure “Our Meaning of Life”.
        “Here,” — I said, — “the answer to the question, put in your book!”
        … But they… recoiled and waved their hands:
        “No-no! We are forbidden even to keep in hands books that were published not in our organization!…”
        Will the Gulf Stream Stop?
        The Gulf Stream is, perhaps, the most important oceanic current for mankind of a planetary scale. It carries warm waters from the western equatorial part of the Atlantic Ocean (that is, from the east of Central America) — to the shores of Northern Europe as far as the White Sea. The warmth that makes it warm creates a climate favorable for people living in all the countries which are washed by it, including the Scandinavian region.
        And — if the Gulf Stream stopped, then the climate in the whole of Northern Europe could become the same as, for example, in Chukchi Peninsula or in the north of Eastern Siberia.
        And this topic is discussed at the level of the governments of the countries concerned; many scientists are involved in the relevant studies.
        Discussions on this score were initiated in connection with the “fashion” in regards to “global warming”. Scientists measure the salinity of water in different parts of the Gulf Stream, fantasize about what will happen if the salinity of the water decreases due to the melting of ice in Greenland…
        And for these studies are allocated considerable financial resources of interested states… Although is it not appropriate that at least one of the scientists, involved in these discussions and studies, would think about why this oceanic current exists at all? What is the reason for its existence? What makes colossal volumes of water continuously move for many thousands of kilometers?
        The answer is simple, but to get it, it needs to tear eyes from test tubes with water samples — to much larger global phenomena and processes!
        … Let's start with the consideration of the question of why our planet revolves, setting the usual for us hours.
        The Earth might not rotate, as many other planets probably do not rotate. And then the climate on Earth would be quite different.
        What could make it begin to spin, in addition to the Will for God?
        Clearly, it was an oblique blow on the Earth of a very large cosmic body.
        This blow set the planet in rotational movement.
        But the blow was done precisely on the Earth’s firmament, forcing it to spin. And the noticeable effect of that cosmic body on the low-dens earthly atmosphere did not happen, therefore it remained in a state of inertia, rest.
        So — the planet is spinning, and its great atmosphere — no.
        Thus, the east wind blowing constantly in the equatorial belt of the Earth was formed. It is called the trade wind.
        And at latitudes far from the equator, meteorologists are dealing with turbulences that are formed from the trade winds.
        So, it is desirable to understand that this is not the atmosphere of the planet “blown” by winds, but the Earth is spinning and rubbing against a relatively still atmosphere.
        … Due to this, in fact, we see in the tropical latitudes a constantly blowing powerful wind. And the wind, as many of us know, drives the water in the same direction, creating, for example, (along with the Moon) local tides.
        And so, “the wind drives” throughout the Atlantic Ocean water in the direction to the west.
        But… this grandiose current encounters an obstacle in the form of stretched from the north to the south Americas…
        Where is obliged all this water to move? Here it, having encountered at the obstacle, flows, including, to the north and further to the east.
        … Now, let us think: can the direction of the Gulf Stream change, and can the Gulf Stream stop altogether — under the influence of an insignificant decrease in the salinity of ocean water?…
        “Ice Ages”
        In recent centuries, the following amazing discoveries have been made, including: in those places where the severe cold constantly reigns, deposits of coal were discovered! It was also found in the depths of the large islands of the Arctic Ocean, and even in Antarctica!
        But in fact, coal in ancient times was formed from the remains of abundant vegetation in the localities with a hot and humid tropical climate!
        On this basis, it was suggested that the climate on our planet periodically changed: there were hot epochs and “glacial periods” when the Earth was completely covered with snow and ice for a long time.
        And now there are battles about how we should be in connection with the “global warming”, which, in fact, is not. There is another: local climate changes in those or other parts of the Earth’s surface. For example, the last winter in north-west Russia was the warmest in decades. But in Yakutia (Sakha) it gets colder and colder. This winter the temperature dropped to minus 61 degrees Celsius! But this is the Antarctic temperature! And the winter cold snap here is the trend of recent years! The northern “pole of cold”, as the experts say, moved from geographically polar latitudes — deep to the south!
        And in the same Antarctica — somewhere it becomes warmer, and in other parts of the continent — colder…
        … In an attempt to come up with an explanation for the total “ice ages”, a hypothesis was advanced that their cause was in volcanic activity. Namely — the most powerful eruptions of volcanoes emitted so much ash into the atmosphere as to prevent solar heat on the surface of the planet.
        But this is not to be tested in practice: is it really that under such conditions the cooling of the Earth’s surface will come — whether ashes in the atmosphere will cause a “greenhouse effect” and, conversely, warming up?
        For example, if the sky at night is covered with a continuous cloudiness, then such nights are much warmer than with a clear sky!
        It is possible to continue to develop this idea. If the atmosphere becomes less transparent, the solar heat will heat up the entire conglomerate of the Earth with its atmosphere, and the ash will prevent the dissipation of heat outside. As a result — not cooling, but warming up the Earth?
        But to test these hypotheses in practice — there is no possibility. Therefore, it is better not to waste time on their further discussion.
        … But how, after all, to explain the mentioned fact of the discovery of coal in the localities with the present “permafrost”?
        In fact — it’s quite simple. Into our planet, in its long history, repeatedly pierced — from different angles to its surface — large cosmic objects. They changed — in one way or another — both its orbit, and the parameters of rotation. The axis of rotation was changed, new poles have been formed, a new equator has been designated, the climate has been totally transformed in accordance with these new parameters. Glaciers formed where the heat had previously dominated… In other places, where there was a cold that seemed to be eternal, the ice melted, tropical vegetation gradually developed, and deposits of organic fossil formed over the millennia of a new climate…
        I emphasize that such local climate transformations occur, of course, not for one day and not for a week, but over much longer stretches of time.
        … The last question that I would like to consider in connection with the topic of climate changes observed on our planet is the influence of nuclear explosions.
        Every such powerful explosion pushes the planet. And because of this, its flight trajectory around the Sun, as well as the speed and the axis of its own rotation, can change. This effect can be especially pronounced if the nuclear explosions are repeated at the same polygons.
        And are not the observed climate changes on the planet — the result of such multiple nuclear explosions?
        On the “Glacial Landscape”
        This term is mistakenly used to denote a strongly crossed non-mountainous terrain, rich in overgrown forests on ridges and low troughs between them, often parallel to each other. Such a landscape is characteristic, including, for the north of the Karelian Isthmus and some regions of Karelia.
        Once upon a time someone from the low-witted homos erectus from science decided that it was probably during the “glacial period” that the glaciers crept along the land, tracing it. Since then, other homos erectus began to repeat this stupidity thoughtlessly. The term “glacial landscape” entered textbooks, became “universally recognized”…
        … Yes, glaciers are really capable of moving, as if slowly pouring.
        But they “pour” from the mountains, but not across the plain!
        … What is the mechanism of the movement of glaciers?
        In the lower part of the layers of ice, hundreds of meters or kilometers high, there is a tremendous pressure at which ice acquires fluidity similar to dense resin. The entire colossal thickness of the glacier very slowly moves on this “resinous” layer. At the same time, the approaching glacier does not at all resemble a bulldozer’s shovel, and it does not break through deep trenches. And, most importantly, I repeat, glaciers do not “creep” across the plains, but move only along the slopes of the mountains. And there are no mountains at that area or near it!
        … But what, yet, has created such characteristic landscape features?
        … Now this area is covered with forests. But sometime, very long ago, there were only sands, moved by the winds… They formed dunes: sandy hills and ridges flowing under the influence of winds. Then those dunes were gradually fixed with vegetation: they were overgrown with grass, shrubs, then — with trees. As a result, it turned out what we are seeing now.
        Another similar variant of the formation of such a landscape is a marine or oceanic bottom. This bottom is not at all smooth! Even on the bottom sand of a shallow lake, we can observe the ripples, which, however, can change their configuration when the direction of the wind over the lake changes — which accordingly changes the fluctuations of the water column.
        But the most significant transformations of the seabed occur in storms. Even the above-water sandbanks with a length of kilometers and tens of kilometers are formed. One example is the Arabat arrow on the Sea of Azov. Sometimes — after the storms — the parallel to it its smaller duplicates are formed and now. Then they can either disappear under the influence of subsequent storms, or, conversely, strengthen.
        On a scale of geological epochs — the seabed areas could become land… And they grew by vegetative…
        … Yes… Human stupidity creates problems not only in religion, but also in completely materialistic knowledge.
        I Had a Wife… (About Jealousy)
        Once, long ago, I had a wife — a psychiatrist. She herself called herself my wife, and me — her husband.
        We had met in the classes on mastering the art of psychic self-regulation, which I massively conducted in those years. She came there to study. And one day she invited me to her house.
        Our such relations lasted a year and a half or two years, more precisely I do not remember.
        She before this had run away from her jealous husband, who also did not satisfy her sexually.
        She lived in the suburbs, I — in the city.
        She every time, when she wanted to meet me, called me from work — and in the evening I came. And in the morning, she went to her psychiatric hospital for children, and I returned to the city by train.
        When our free days overlapped, we together searched, found, and studied places of power: just in those years, we received the translations of Carlos Castaneda’s books.
        … In those old years, I thought that for helping others in their spiritual growth, it is most important for me to fill them with my own energy of consciousness. I filled her — and with pleasure saw in her the growth of the volume of the refined and full of emotions of love consciousness. She — as the soul — was already hundreds of meters in diameter…
        I did not understand then that such gifts… do not contribute at all to the growth of a person both intellectually and ethically… But namely this must be the foundation for confident further spiritual growth!
        … She appreciated our relations very much — and repeatedly asked me not to cut them off under any circumstances…
        Moreover, she began to successfully introduce in her medical activity the knowledge that she received through me.
        It was about her, I mentioned in one of my books, how she treated children with autism — by the method of “opening” their spiritual hearts. These children later themselves were eager to perform in front of the audience from the stage at the holidays dedicated to the end of the rehabilitation course.
        … However, over time, she developed “torments of jealousy”, even hallucinations began, the theme of which were my “treasons”: in the classes I conducted, there were so many women!…
        She completely trusted her “visions”…
        Especially these states of hers worsened once during a long summer heat spell…
        In one of these especially hot days, I, having completed one of long and very tiring for me lessons, dropped into the market — to buy tomatoes: to please her.
        … But she… suddenly met me with indignation! She chanted to me:
        “You come to me —
        Already emaciated by sex!”
        … I did not attach much importance to this episode, already having an understanding of her mental characteristics. I had studied psychiatry…
        … But later it turned out that she also slandered me among all her familiar physicians, accusing me of grotesque hypersexuality…
        … And our relations ended so:
        She — having been carried away by her thoughts on my massive “betrayals”, was confused, her mind was “clouded”… And she invited tonight… two men at once: me and one more…
        I came much earlier, we were in bed already for a long time — when suddenly he called at the door… She began to apologize to him, saying that the situation suddenly had changed…
        … He saw me in bed through a reflection in the mirror that hung in the hallway.
        … He left — disappointed, humiliated, undeservedly offended — alone in that dark night. Apparently, forever.
        I — also left forever.
        After all, she used my help — and at the same time “for this” tried to desecrate me… And even she so treated her friend… I did not see the opportunity to help her further.

* * *
        The great Babaji from the Indian Haidakhan designated the following stages of spiritual perfecting:
        Truth (that is, understanding of the essence of God and our relationships with Him) — Simplicity (absence of arrogance, self-conceit, self, humility) — Love (first of all, the emotions of love, love-gifting, obtained through the development of the spiritual heart) — Service to God (through helping people, especially in the spreading of spiritual knowledge) — Cognition of the Supreme Divine I and Mergence with Him.
        Let’s think: how it makes sense to treat the phenomenon of jealousy — in connection with at least the firsts of the indicated principles?
        The principle of Truth implies, in particular, the beginning of work on oneself with the goal of substituting one’s own egocentrism by God-Centrism (we have already talked a lot about this in other articles and books).
        With Simplicity, jealousy also does not fit in any way. It testifies to super-egoism: I am jealous — that means I take away the freedom of another person, I give him or her the place of only a slave…
        None of the people worthy of respect will insist that jealousy is a manifestation of the principle of Love. No: jealousy is precisely a perverted love, a love for oneself. It is a primitive passion, a gross vice, from which it would make sense to immediately and forever give up! Approach the Creator by the quality of the soul, having this vice, there is no possibility!
        God will have to educate people with jealousy — by methods that teach humility. And is not it better to start this — voluntarily right now?
        To Be a Lord — or a Servant?
        I knew a young woman-doctor who dreamed of moving from Russia to a country where a footman would bring coffee to her bed in the morning…
        … But God teaches us to feel ourselves not as lords, but as servants — regardless of our social status, ranks, and held positions.
        If we accustom ourselves to the role of those who sincerely give away our love to other people and to all other kind beings — by our thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds — we, having learned this, can easily establish the same relationships with God. This will give an opportunity to get closer to the Creator by the state of the soul.
        For this, we must take the true knowledge of God and our meaning of life, and also practically master this state of being by the developed spiritual heart.
        Such work on the spiritual transformation of oneself leads to the development of humility — the humble feeling of myself.
        One, who is not humble, lives by one’s own “rules” and “concepts”, but not by the principles of life that God has proposed to us.
        And only the humble-minded get the opportunity to flow into the Creator. A personal “exaggerated” “I” will not allow this to happen: it — interferes.

* * *
        But the principle of humility does not mean stupid behavior, for example; obedience to criminal orders from people of vice…
        … Once on the train an inspector — a loud and aggressive woman of about thirty — discovered that our tickets were not printed to the station where we were going. Although the cost was the same to both stations. Simply the cashier was mistaken, and we did not notice her mistake. I repeat that the journey was paid for by us in full.
        The controller long yelled at us, demanding to pay once again the same amount. Of course, we did not agree. Then she set a guard on us, who grabbed our backpacks and threatened to throw them out of the car at the nearest station. We had to pay.
        When the conflict was thus “settled”, I called the guard and asked him why he behaved this way, complicit in the commission of a crime?
        He replied that he was a soldier and was only following orders from his commander…
        … In defense, in fact, usually officers, who are retired, seek employment.
        It turned out that this former officer, after hearing about the subject of humility, seriously decided to play “a soldier”…
        I replied that, according to the rulings taken at the Nuremberg trial, the execution of a criminal order is a crime.
        He thought about it and did not answer. This had concluded our conversation.
        … But when we drove a few days later in the same train, he saw us and twice came to us with quite sincere tears from his eyes: he begged to forgive for his behavior at that time.
        And he was now working in tandem with another supervisor.
        Since then, we have not seen him again. Apparently, having managed to apologize, he immediately resigned.
        Here it is — sincere repentance, washing away vices! Good luck to you, “soldier”! Both God, and we — have forgiven you!
        … And a month or two later, we met with that criminal inspector. Now she was working on another branch of the railroad.
        She did not apologize, but charged us with a deduction of the amount she then committed as a robbery.
        Thus, both former criminals have become better, though in varying degrees.
        Easy joy arises from the realization that we were involved in this!
        But if in that conflict, we did not reconcile and would have gone along with the aggravation of the conflict — we could not help these people. And we ourselves would have gotten extra problems…
        In this story, you can trace several specific topics. Good luck to you, our readers!
        Devils in the Flesh — and Terrorism. 

      And How Do Devils Get?

        Both God and devils are a fully recognizable reality.
        But who are they — devils? And where do they come from?
        If God — in the Aspects of the Creator, also Messiahs and Holy Spirits — is an extremely subtle Consciousness, then devils and demons are the opposite. They are the limit of rudeness. And they are pathogenic in relation to the bodies of incarnate people and other beings.
        Both devils and demons are, first of all, those disembodied people and animals that had developed in themselves — during lifetime(s) in an incarnate state — the infernal qualities: emotional rudeness, aggressiveness, spitefulness. Their destiny is hell, that is, suffering from their own grave states and from communicating with beings like them.
        Devils are big and (in terms of bioenergetics) powerful creatures. Demons are relatively small and weak. Both of them can live outside connection with the world of matter, but they can also penetrate into the bodies of people and animals.
        Devils are strong and can be up to hundreds of meters and even (rarely) much more. But they are still — insignificant in comparison with the Universal Greatness of God. And God controls their activity.
        These creatures can be easily mobile within their coarsest multidimensional strata. And God invisible to them can prompt them to “dirty work” in trying to convince concrete incarnate sinners.
        … But it is important that these creatures of hell are formed precisely in their incarnate state.
        Including, there are very rude people, who are called devils in the flesh.
        These are usually rude men and (more rarely) women seeking to prevail upon other people. And the level of development of intelligence in them can be very different.
        I have met such among the leading pseudo-yogis, pseudo-healers, and among various other scammers. But also — among the “pastors” of some religious trends.
        They seek to dominate, command, control — for the sake of gaining and maintaining their own “glory” and acquiring material benefits.
        To do this, they can quite intentionally build up the coarseness of consciousnesses, seeing how this contributes to the personal success among other embodied people.
        Because they are dominated by gross emotions, they naturally attract into their bodies similar to themselves unincorporated beings. So there are obsessions, aggravating the rudeness and morbidity of these devils in the flesh.
        Oncological diseases and death from them — for such moral monsters are typical.

* * *
        I personally had to withstand the attacks of devils in the flesh more than once.
        In particular, I was hunted by the maniac-killer, the creator of the nazi party, the complete adherent of the worldview of Adolph Hitler. He hated me for the anti-fascist statements in my books, demanded to stop publishing books, to close down the websites, threatened to maim me and my colleagues, to “cremate alive”, many times tried to lure me into personal meetings for the sake of reprisal, even for this I was called to a duel…
        But this is not important in connection with the topic of this essay. The important thing is that he transferred a part of himself over kilometers up to me — and my body shook with his hatred.
        Why did God create such a test for me then? It was also to test my invincibility on the Path of serving Him, and so that, having gained this life experience, I could share it with you.
        How did that situation end? God told me that that nazi leader will soon fall into the pit, he was preparing for me. Then, according to fragmentary information from the media, the situation emerged that he was shot by two true heroes from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who sacrificed themselves in order to cleanse the Earth of this abomination… They — for this feat — themselves received jail terms…
        … Another very memorable situation for me with a devil in the flesh took place only recently.
        A man with a higher education at first very successfully mastered the spiritual Path: he developed himself as a spiritual heart, began to receive Revelations from God, became large — in volume — consciousness.
        But then he was inadequately absorbed in the power aspect of development, began to exert his brutal energy on other people — that they tremble before his “strength”… On warnings from God and on my attempts to reason with him, he reacted according to the formula: “I know myself how it should be!”.
        Then he fell ill with cancer with the defeat of the organs of the manipura’s part of the body…
        When I expressed my opinion to him that he does not have the right to take part in spiritual lives of other people — he reacted with hatred towards me… He “swam” diabolically into my body, transferring to it, including, his cancer energy…
        I did not suffer from this: I merged with the Oceanic Consciousness of God — and stayed in the Bliss of Divine Peace. But the body was dying. And I was quite ready to part with it completely and forever — if the Will of God will be for it. This lasted several days in a row.
        During those days, I had my stomach and pancreas in a state of paralysis.
        In particular, the food was not processed in the stomach due to the cessation of gastric juice production, its fermentation in the stomach began. I had to take tinidazole to suppress microbal growth.
        And the pancreas stopped producing insulin, a diabetic coma was ready to happen at any moment, even if I was just walking in the apartment. I had to live on antidiabetic tablets, it had helped to sustain the life of the body…
        Then he switched to some other of his worries, and his hatred for me gradually weakened.
        … Why do I tell such details from my life experience?
        I share the real mystical knowledge — for, including, people to know, why they themselves and others sometimes get sick, also to broaden the horizons of physicians about the causes of some diseases of their patients.
        But the most important thing is how not to become pathogenic monsters yourself and not be in hell!
        … By the mystical (that is, “clouded”, not explicit for those who can see only the material world) — the life of all beings is permeated.
        The Holy Spirits and Messiahs, for example, create the Standards for the proper tuning by souls with Them. Who has cognized Them and strives to gain a foothold in Their states — that man comes out of the influence of evil, which can be done by the creatures of hell.
        The devils — they show their grossest energy fields, even create powerful negative places of power
        A child can be ill not because of the fact that the body got germs, but because of the gross emotional state of the mother or someone from the environment…
        Adherents of some sects can fall ill because of the “blessings” of their “shepherds”. And, getting sick, those victims are looking for protection and help… from the same devils in the flesh, only aggravating their illness states…
        Devils-chiefs at work or devils-teachers can paralyze with their rough energies the ability to think in their employees or students… I myself experienced this when I was studying in doctoral candidacy. That was an exam on some “soviet” political subject. I then could not clearly answer the topic, which I knew very well… That teacher-devil hated me for “freethinking”…
        One of the causes of inflammation in the gynecological area may consist in the coarse energy of male partners.
        Moreover, even just lust at a distance from the side of a devil in the flesh can produce the same result. I had observed such situations. For example, one of the devils — for obvious reasons — could not find a stable sexual partner-woman. And he was forced to content himself with a sexual attunement with his desired woman, but she knew nothing about it. And because of this, she was ill for a long time…

* * *
        The presented material allows one to “enter the topic” about how people can be classified in, including, devils in the flesh — and their victims.
        And now it’s time to return to the question formulated in the title of this essay. It will be about contemporary “Islamic” terrorism.
        Why suddenly among followers of the religious Teaching about One God for all people, about the corresponding most respectful attitude towards Him, about humility, about reverence for Messiah Jesus (Jesus Christ), about the expediency of taking care not about the nearest material benefits but about the fate in the life after this earthly life, about respectful attitude of people to each other, the need for men to treat women with greater respect than to other men — there appear dominant ideas about the need to kill everyone around, who do not seem to be faithful Muslims, and — for this — “to become worthy of the paradise”?
        How could such an absurdity be born? After all, in fact, all adherents of this perversion — guarantee hell for themselves!
        … Who are the devils in the flesh — we discussed it in detail. But who are their victims, so easily accepting the path to hell under the influence of lie?
        We will see that they are, first of all, the crowds of those illiterate ignoramuses who do not know why they are in bodies on the Earth, who know nothing about God except that He is Akbar (that is, the Great), who did not study the Teaching of the Messiah Isa (Jesus Christ), although the Quran has a recommendation to seek knowledge wherever one can find it…
        And so — there appear powerful devils in the flesh, declaring that Allah (God, in Arabic) orders to kill all “unfaithful” men and turn all women into slaves… For this — Allah will take you to Himself at Heaven where there will be life for you in full contentment and without any hardship!
        So in those crowds of ignoramuses there appears… the “work” and even as if the meaning of life…
        But the word “Islam” means “submission to God”. Hence, the devils in the flesh broadcast, — as a sign of submission before Allah, for the sake of Allah, in the name of Islam — forward! Follow me! Allah — Akbar!…
        … In my opinion, it would be correct not to kill by bombs, missiles, etc. — those unfortunate deceived, but to present, give them true spiritual knowledge. And if to isolate any from society — they are the devils in the flesh.
        It is clear that this process cannot be completed within a week or a month. But it’s necessary to start at some time!…
        Hesychasm — and 

      Harmony of Transition to “Other World”
        In different ways, people experience the death of their bodies. Someone — at night in sleep, not noticing the “death”. Or — “the heart just stopped”, almost without pain… Others “die” in horrible torments…
        The average person most often dies by the body not on one’s own, but by God, Who sends to ensure the transition “into another world” some among many spirits.
        And how this happens — is determined by the fate of the “deceased”, created by himself or herself. Those who recklessly inflicted in vain pain and death to other beings, although one’s level of development in psychogenesis was sufficient to be able to compassionate with the pain of others and not cause it — to those God shows what is pain — on their own life experience.
        There are still young psychogenetically people who, although they did not become full-fledged puritans, were known as good. Their “death” is easy.
        … Children can be spectators of “deaths”. But they are not yet able to imagine their own “death”: it looks so far away for them that it is not thought to be real. And this — for them — is correct.
        How to explain to them someone’s “death”? It is quite convenient to tell the truth: a person does not die at all, but only goes to live in a disembodied world — a world of non-incarnate people. Only the body dies — and this does not mean much for that person.
        And crying, grieving over someone’s “death” — this means protesting against the Will of God. The theme “Why did you leave me?” — this is the manifestation of someone’s own stupid egoism.
        After all, a good individual guaranteed for himself or herself the good destiny “in another world”; he or she is there — well! Why protest against this?
        … But, when one “is already over thirty” — it’s time to think about one’s own future “death” more seriously. It’s time to ask questions: “What does God expect of me?” What do I have time to do — both in serving Him, and in my own development?”
        … I will share my experience of a never-ending up to now bodily dying.
        The first time it happened when I was gossiped by a gang of primitives, directed and supported I will not tell by whom. Then, after the attack, I was dying in severe pain for about six months. This culminated in two clinical “deaths”.
        What for? — For the non-repentance of every sin of killing animals.
        Why? — To cognize the reality of life without a body. And — to be convinced in the unpromising results of trying to help spiritually — the idle crowd…
        In those years, I had just finished cleaning the chakras and the main meridians and for the first time got acquainted with the Holy Spirits, Which to some extent condensed Themselves — specifically to be visible for me.
        Because in those years, I was still an insignificant in size consciousness, I could not tear myself away from the body — so far as to not feel the pain. And — tasted it in its entirety!
        … After years of daily work on self-improvement — I found a completely different experience of dying of the body. You could read about this in the essay on the devils.
        At this time, when the body was dying, it was quite good for me! Being now a huge and sophisticated Consciousness, I — from the Bliss of Mergence with the Primordial Oneness — could look towards my material body, which was looking so tiny, and understand that, if God cuts off my connection with it, I will not lose anything, except the possibility of taking more Higher stages of perfecting. I then completely relied on the Will of God — and He again instructed me to continue my discipleship with Him, remaining in the same body.
        … And then He added the thought: “All devils are completely subject to God!”…
        And it turned out that this devil was easily “washed away” by the Flood of the Divine Light-Fire, carrying the intention “Take away!”…
        For me, it became a new life experience.
        Here is, for what, including, God created for me this situation!
        … Whatever is being broadcast now on television for the entire Russian-speaking population of the planet!
        Someone gives the main advice to all viewers: do not take from the cemeteries into your houses any objects! Because with them you will bring in “the dead”!
        Other information of the same level: the hair on the head is the antennas through which we are guided by God, Who is, indeed, above our heads. And, if the hair is cut off, — such man remains without contact with God and lives now according to one’s own will…
        The population of our country is now intellectually “fed” by such information…
        Plus — as if religious rituals “save”…
        Plus — ajna’s “digging” into fantasizing about the number of chakras: 8, 9, 90, even already 110…
        Although — for starters — just one chest chakra anahata would be enough, the other six — let them be just clean…
        … I offer the Path of spiritual perfecting, which has been passed and studied, which really gives worthy results! It has been described in detail in many of our materials. This is a Modern Developed Hesychasm. Its essence, to which the Founders of Christianity, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and some other smaller religious trends tried to teach their followers, — consists in developing oneself as the spiritual heart.
        There are no other ways to full cognition of God and to fulfill the higher meaning of our lives!
        And remember: life in the body on the Earth is given to each of us by God — for perfecting! In this — His interest! And our interest — too! Without a body, we can live, but we cannot radically improve ourselves!
        We are improving ourselves only here on the Earth! Therefore, it is good reason to cherish every day, every hour of life in the material body!
        And it also becomes clear that the voluntary withdrawal from this life because of a misunderstanding of the meaning of my life — is a very wrong action! It leads to the repetition of all the difficulties that we are facing now — in the next incarnation.
        … I started this essay on the death of the body. And I end with how everyone can most successfully realize the Will of God, fulfilling our higher meaning of life. It must be performed voluntarily, without “urging” from the side of “death”. Although…
        If I Were the Boss…
        Forest Fires
        Every spring, when the snow has melted away and last year’s grass dries, forest fires begin. The grass is set fire by the weak-minded, who are so many…
        They set fire — for the sake of a pleasant smell of smoke…
        Some of them also see other benefit in these criminal acts. For example — “we fertilize the soil with ashes”…
        To one of them, I answered the question: “What do you think: what does chernozem consist of?”
        It suddenly “came to him” that the soil is not made up of ashes, but of rotting during many years remnants of the same grass… Since that time, that man, in our subsequent occasional meetings, behaved politely underlined…
        Should it come to everyone else!
        In fires, not only grass burn away, from which the soil might turn out. But many animals are burned alive! Take at least spiders, in abundance building their spider-webs in this grass — in anticipation of appearance of mosquitoes and midges… And we would have some benefit, if they do not die…
        … In arid summers, the special danger is represented by crown fires — when the crowns of trees light up. With a strong wind, the fire rushes through the forest at a tremendous speed. So much oxygen burns that people who are near, fall in coma… And how much animals and plants suffer and die in this fire!
        The raging fire spreads to populated by people areas, villages are sometimes completely consumed in flurries of fire — along with people who have not managed to escape their homes to a safe location, along with domestic animals, with property accumulated by years of labor on the ground…
        All this should be talked about with schoolchildren — then surely the number of fires would decrease… But to defeat dementia completely — by persuasion and penalty methods — I do not foresee the possibility…
        And if so, then I propose to establish the following rule of forest exploitation: to divide the forests into quarters not by narrow cuttings through which the fire in a strong wind easily tosses, but by wide cuttings — about 50 meters. It would be convenient both for lumbering, and forest berries on such cuttings would appear: cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries — depending on the quality of soils. Both humans and animals would get benefit…
        Every spring, floods inundate many villages along the banks of rivers. And sometimes strong and long rains are not only in springtime — and catastrophes of floods happen. People are dying, domestic animals, property. Wooden houses inside become covered with mold…
        I repeat that this happens almost every year in approximately the same places.
        But why not build once forever the protective dams — with the help of detachments of rescuers, soldiers, using civil and military machinery?
        Do not build such dams along the river banks: let the flood meadows be fertilized with river silt! Dams must be built along the boundaries of settlements — taking into account the terrain.
        Of what? From the construction debris, stones, bundles of logs, including those which have sunk during timber floating and raised from the bottom of the rivers. If possible, you can apply also concrete. All this let be covered with earth — gently, so that it would be easy to cross over. Then let plant grass, bushes, and trees. Their roots will strengthen the dams.
        Long time ago, many elks lived in our forests. We met them almost every time, when we visited a forest.
        And now the elks were gone: their bodies were eaten by human-predators.
        But elks are the main food-source of mites, flies, midges, bloodsuckers called among people as “elk flies”.
        The latter were abundant in old years. They showered in swarms from the trees, crawled in hair, climbed under clothes, bit sharply… Sometimes we had to run to escape from those parts of the forest where they were especially numerous.
        And now — they are not at all! Or not every year it is possible to meet one or two. Now we can safely collect mushrooms and berries, merge with the harmony of the forest!
        … Now there are talks in the press about the “fine perspective” of restoring the livestock of elks in the forests. And there are already released deer in forests, which will successfully replace the elks — as food for insects-bloodsuckers. The last will again be many-many!…
        But do we need it?!
        I do not understand people who — like now all the time is shown on Russian television — catch by hands crocodiles to move them to another pond!
        What is the reason for this love for crocodiles? Would it be for all better, if this disgusting animal species disappear even completely from the surface of the Earth?
        And I can say the same about love to lions, tigers, etc.
        All such large predators are dangerous for humans and for many animals.
        Scavenger-animals, eating corpses of other animals, yes, are useful.
        About large predators is said that they kill old and sick individuals — and this is their supposed benefit. But this is not the case: they kill, first of all, cubs.
        Why do some people love and protect large predators?
        Is it because these persons themselves have predatory habits? When they contemplate the images of how, for example, a lion tears with teeth the body of a living victim, do they align with the lion and enjoy together with it the infliction of terrible pain? “Super! — How we are tearing it!”
        Enjoying by someone’s pain…
        But would not it be more appropriate to attune with the tormented victim? Then, perhaps, these predators-people would understand what is pain, would begin to learn compassion?
        Then, probably, wars will become less…
        On Traffic Laws for Pedestrians
        In Russia, right-hand traffic for transport and pedestrians is the accepted norm.
        But, according to quite reasonable “Rules of the road”, if a pedestrian is forced to move on foot along the road or along a street where there is no pedestrian sidewalk, then the pedestrian should go exactly on the left side in relation to the carriageway — that is, facing the approaching motor vehicle traveling along the right side of the road or street.
        This is written in the publicly available “Rules of the road”, it was read by everyone who was preparing for the exams to obtain a driver’s license, this is over and over again repeated on television in connection with road traffic accidents involving pedestrians.
        But it’s one thing — to read or listen.
        And it is quite another — to understand, remember, accept for execution. But this requires at least a minimally developed intellect!
        And it happens that, for example, on a narrow roadside of a highway with intensive traffic, two streams of pedestrians interfere with each other…
        Those who go on the right side, with occiputs to the rushing cars, we’ll call conditionally “stupid”. And those, who move on the left side, are “reasonable”.
        “The stupids”, it happens, internally boils from malice to “the reasonables”: “What a lack of culture! They do not know how to walk! They walk — not how we all walk!”

* * *
         But this happens the same in the sphere of religious life…
        … Psychologists subdivide all people into, including, leaders — and the guided.
        But leaders are both clever — and stupid. And even — devils in the flesh…
        How does one, who really wants to find for oneself a leader, make a choice?
        I can offer only one advice: compare, what the leader says, with what God teaches us.

* * *
        Someone may be interested in the question: “And how does the author of this essay behave in those narrow roadsides of the highways? Does he hate the ‘stupid’? Does he walk, pushing them aside?”
        No. I do not know how to hate. And I walk, trying to give way to all.
        That is, I try to live without conflicts.
        Spiritual Self-Realization — It Is Easy!
        Yes, it’s easy, if one knows — how.
        It is necessary to start with mastering sattva — that is, harmony, purity in one’s own worldview, in the way of life, in the state of the soul. For this, we must, among other things, learn how to merge ourselves-souls — with the harmony and purity of the surrounding space in the world of the Creation. Especially effective is to study it — in nature on the early spring mornings.
        From the completeness of sattvicness, that is, from a sufficiently stable paradise state here on the Earth, — there is just one step to direct cognition of the Creator.
        When we have already learned to be in unity with the original harmony of God’s Creation — we will be able to begin mastering the next large stage, which consists in the direct cognition of its Creator.
        For this, one can do, including:
        We will feel the world of sattva — as if it is resting on the palms of my (i.e., of each of the practitioners) love. I will caress and nurture with my love all the kind incarnate and non-incarnate beings!
        And under the world of sattva — there is the Ocean of the Creator.
        Sattva of the Creation is located as if on the surface of the Ocean of the Creator.*
        We explore this Ocean, moving in Him with the help of our own hands of consciousness, consubstantial to the spiritual heart.
        We also dive deep into the Ocean, trying to get into the most subtle of His Light-Fire. Thus we can cognize the extraterrestrial state of the Holy Spirit, Who once was entrusted with the creation of our planet and life on it. His name — according to His European Incarnation — Adler.
        Gradually we learn to be His Light-Fire.
        And then — being Him — we return to our bodies, we try to get rid of all that is not the Light-Fire of the Creator.
        … You can find the details of mastering the above — in our books and films.

* * *
        Let no one think that the author has already mastered all that has been said here.
        I have mastered not all yet, but I know how to finish it. For a day or a month — it is not possible to do it.
        If you manage to get to full Self-Realization prior to me — I’ll be sincerely happy for you!
        I feel myself in the Oneness with the Universal Flow of the Evolution of Consciousness. And I do all my best for Its harmonious current.
*  This is a meditative image related to the study of the multidimensionality of space. Do not try to imagine that, what has been said, applying to the world of matter.

        To the Theme of Beauty:
      about Mammary Glands

        In the old years, I repeatedly heard the question: why do males have these rudiments of mammary glands with nipples?
        I did not have a clear answer then.
        After years, I became convinced of the existence of God-the-Creator. So — this arrangement of male bodies was not a “misunderstanding”, a “foolish accident”. Hence — it was conceived and planned by Him. But why?
        The answer came to me later — and I will share it with you.
        … The mammary glands in women have not only that purpose to feed babies. But they are an important element of beauty, created by the Creator for spiritual refinement, especially for males. And most women have also the ability to admire its harmonious form, softness, subtle tenderness.
        And even when the youth of the body has already left behind — there is the opportunity to admire the nakedness of such women: their openness, willingness to accept their fate with its age outgoings. This, too, — in itself — is wonderful!
        And to observe the age-related decline of young beauty in others is very significant for those, who live in God-given bodies without understanding that the youth of the body is not eternal, and it is necessary to hurry up to fulfill — while there are fresh forces — most important, for which we have received our earthly bodies.
        … But why exist these rudiments of mammary glands, inherent in males, which may even seem to some as ugly?
        This is to ensure males see their physical imperfection — in comparison with women’s beauty!
        Male bodily beauty — it’s just a pitiful semblance of women beauty!
        … I’m writing this for those males who are proud of their sex — for no reason at all!

* * *
        But I do not propose women uncover the breasts in inadequate for this conditions. Normal people are happy with beauty, they are refining, doing better. But too much exist among us of those embodied infernal creatures who hate beauty, seek to desecrate and torment it…
        Dogs — to Paradise, Man — to Hell…
        Two nice young dogs run in the forest path towards me. As soon as they saw me — they immediately started to fawn.
        When they ran up — I praised them for their friendliness. I told them kindly:
        “What are your fine tails!”
        … They — in response to kind words and love — have turned into an entire happy wagging!
        I wanted to add even more happiness to them: to pat and hug.
        … But suddenly — the menacing cry of a fat aunt walking behind them, whom I did not notice at the turn of the path:
        “Stop that! Forward march!”
        … The tails immediately had lowered, a brief episode of happiness was rudely concluded…
        The owner — a clot of spite that was hard to be restrained and ready to spill out at any moment — passed by me, not greeting (although it is customary to do it at meetings with strangers in the forest) and without even looking up at me.

* * *
        My readers already, I believe, understood what I wanted to say to them, describing this episode:
        The mistress made herself a devil in the flesh. Its destiny is hell: the “rubbish heap” of the Evolutionary Process…
        But the dogs, if they do not allow her to kill their love, will be the inhabitants of paradise: the layer of multidimensional space that adjoins the Creator. Most likely, they will soon be back on the Earth — in human bodies. And they will intensively develop in themselves the qualities that — in addition to love — will lead them to the Divine Perfection.
        Good luck to you, dear friends!

* * *
        Those, who undertake the upbringing of other people or animals, must understand that the main thing, by which we can help them, is the development of love in them. This quality will lead them to paradise and will indicate the path of further correct evolutionary development.
        But the development of evil qualities ensures hell.
        Love is:
        — not a passionate desire,
        — not violence, even in thoughts and emotions,
        — not an appropriation,
        but a humble giving away to the worthy — for the sake of helping them and for the general harmony.
        The Formula of the Perfection
        Spiritual Perfection consists of the following three main components:
        1. Intellectual ability to understand God’s Intention concerning us and to implement it stage by stage.
        2. The ethical flawlessness offered to us by God, including absolute decency, in particular: a) the refusal to do wrongful harm to any kind beings, and b) the exclusion of egocentrism with the replacement of it by the selfless service to God through help to worthy persons.
        3. And at the meditative branch of development — a stable state of Mergence with God — being the spiritual heart, refined up to the level of the Creator and developed in quantitative terms up to at least a planetary scale. This is realized both: a) in the Calm State of God (His Turiya state), and b) in His active Light-Fiery Manifestation.

* * *
        Using these three points, we can estimate the level of spiritual progress of ourselves and of other people. Details on how to do this, the readers can find, in particular, in the materials given at the end of this collection.
        In particular, when acquainted with them, a reasonable person will easily understand that neither drugs, nor prayers, nor hope for “instant enlightenment”, nor martial arts in themselves, nor excessive sex — will bring to the Perfection.
        Conversation with Native American Chieftain Hugh
        Hugh is now the incarnate Divine Teacher, the leader of the Native American tribe residing on a reservation in the United States.
        Similarly to, including, incarnated in India Babaji from Haidakhan and Sathya Sai Baba, He demonstrates the ability to communicate easily — intangible and at any distance — with His incarnate disciples, being Himself now embodied.
        … Once we were invited to visit the working site of the now-Divine Disciple of Jesus Christ — Martha, Who once invited into Her house and fed Jesus and His companions.
        Martha greeted us with the deep joyous and blissful silence inside Her Mahadouble.
        From this silence, Hugh showed Himself.
        He reminded us how, together with Surya, He once gave us one of the most important meditations, about which He will mention later.
        And now, He asks to convey to incarnate people His Appeal:
        “The tradition of mastering the inner silence is not an invention of Christianity. This tradition already existed much earlier. One of the examples you know is the Chinese Tao-Te-Ching. Pythagoras also taught this stage of spiritual growth. This was, too, one of the most important training points for the students of the ancient Atlanteans, as well as in the spiritual schools in the territory of ancient Russia. And this was the basis of the Native American spiritual culture in North America.
        “Glad, all We are glad — that our Native American spiritual tradition was close to you! I mean that true religiosity is most successfully realized precisely in pristine natural purity — so close to its Creator!
        “It is in it — so dear for you silence is most successfully cognized. It is within it the worlds of the Holy Spirits and the Creator become apparent!
        “I will pay attention to the fact that the silence must be mastered in both tonal and nagual.* Between the tonal and the nagual, there is an inclined plane that separates them; Surya once compared for you this plane with a very large deckchair.
        “This silence (hesychia) is achieved only by working with the spiritual heart. Both the tonal and the nagual let be covered by the spiritual heart developed to a huge size; the spiritual heart has to possess immaterial hands emanating from it and consubstantial to it.
        “Only with this ‘starting position’ of being a developed spiritual heart, inside which is the silence, — one can move deeper into the multidimensional Absolute, including cognition the Creator.
        “Everyone can trace in oneself that, which prevents the attainment of this silence. It can be the aspiration to fame, to material enrichment, self-admiration and other egocentric tendencies, including such vile soul qualities as aggression, violence, the desire to deceive and humiliate others, to profit from robbery.
        “And there are those qualities that take away one’s personal power. Then — the spiritual heart, which should be developed by everyone in breadth and depth, is even more wrinkled… These are qualities such as fear, anxiety, ‘compassion’ for oneself. Everyone must keep track of the slightest signs of these qualities of the soul and immediately suppress them.
        “When you understand the whole Path quite clearly, then there are grounds to feel yourself in the state of anticipation of the Victory!”

*  The tonal is the material “layer” of the multidimensional Absolute. The nagual is a collection of all non-material “layers”.
    This meditation, like almost every other, should be carried out with open bodily eyes. Other-wise, the reality of meditative work is replaced by useless thought-images within the head chakra ajna.

        A Little Bit about the Passed Path
        Once, now a long time ago, I made the right decision for myself: I should not pray to God for “salvation”, but actively transform myself in accordance with His Teachings.
        God “had taken” this decision — and became for me the very real Main Teacher. In particular, seeing my sincerity, He gradually began to reveal His Essence to me. In the end, it allowed me — with His Blessings — to present the knowledge, received from Him, to people inhabiting the Earth.
        It was the knowledge, first of all, about His structure, Evolution, about the role of us — people and all beings inhabiting the world of matter — in His Life. Also — on the methodology of people’s spiritual development; including intellectual, ethical and meditative aspects of development.
        All this has been told in many of our books, films, and other materials by the scientist-biologist and colleagues — in an accessible for readers form. It was the description of both what needs to be understood by the words God, Trinity, and why the Creator needed to create His Creation, and the principles of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, and the differences between people, and how a person can grow up in foreseeable time from the state of “ordinary man” — to the Divinity.
        The main attention should be paid to the ethical component of development on the spiritual Path: God needs in us, above all, the ethical purity; otherwise He puts on the way of seekers for the cognition of Himself — insurmountable obstacles.
        Such my study under God lasted for decades. (Now my age in this body has already exceeded 70). In particular, God tested me in loyalty to Him — through allowing hostility towards me from primitives who had found for themselves comfortable conditions for satisfying their criminal vicious passions in the state structure. There were both slander and threats of reprisal, and attempts at murder, and the murder, and much more, about which it would be possible to publish a whole book. But I do not intend to do this: both because I do not want to upset the reasonable and decent members of that organization, and I have other tasks, another mission.
        One of the erroneous outcomes of such a test might be for me the opportunity to get involved in the fight against that abomination — and get bogged down in the battle against them, having lost the Main Goal of my life — God.
        God — through the Teachings of Jesus Christ — advised us not to take revenge, not to enter into conflicts, but to devote wholly our lives to the practical aspiration to the Perfection and helping others on this Path: “Seek the Kingdom of God, and everything (the rest) will be added to you” (Luke 12:31).
        And I did not get involved in confrontation — but directed all my energies to further cognition of our Creator and to serve Him through spiritual help to other people.
        Now this knowledge has been translated by enthusiasts into many languages. And it’s nice to realize that we have managed to help very-very many people to avoid such fatal mistakes as drug addiction, suicide, crime, “stumbling” in sectarian stupidity and psychopathology, motion to hell because of elementary spiritual ignorance…
        On the contrary, so many people, when they study our works, successfully advance towards the spiritual Perfection!

* * *
        How can I help you now, my readers, precisely those of you who are not familiar with our other books, but only with this collection?
        On the intellectual and ethical components of development — I advise you to read in detail in our books, as well as watch and listen to the films.
        But I will tell you more about the esoteric component of development.
        How much people fantasize about it?!
        Many people are sure that on the spiritual Path, on which Jesus offered us to become Perfect, as God is Perfect (Matt 5:48), it is enough only to “put candles” in the temples and report to pastors their committed sins — so that these sins are “absolved”…
        But God taught through Jesus: “The Kingdom of God is preached, and everyone by (personal) efforts enters It” (Luke 16:16)…
        Others, in order to “go to paradise”, are trying to kill as many “infidels” as possible, although God offers us to learn not to kill, not to hate, but to forgive, love, help…
        God is disgusted with rudeness, cruelty in people! Hell becomes the future of just such!
        “God is Love” (1 John 4:8, 4:16). That is why those who develop in themselves not love, but opposite qualities, including, above all, gross emotional states, — turn out to be “in the darkness of outside” (Matt 8:12), that is, in hell.
        Some devote their “spiritual efforts” to the “contriving” of ever new “chakras”, fantastic techniques of “lifting Kundalini”, “cleaning the energy of the body” by jumping over campfires, waiting for an “instant enlightenment” due to practice of “permissiveness” in emotions and behavior…
        … But what does it mean “to become Perfect like God”?
        It means:
        — to cleanse yourself, first of all, from all ethical shortcomings,
        — to understand the Essence of God, to find one’s own place in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness,
        — to strive to become as big as possible: because He is the universal in size Consciousness,
        — to become extremely refined soul-consciousnesses: because He — in the Aspect of the Creator — is just like that.
        The subtlety of consciousness leads a person to paradise and then to the Abode of the Creator. But accustoming oneself to emotional rudeness programs into hell. And no prayer can change this situation: its changing through prayer is not foreseen by God.
        Life on the Earth is given to man, for him or her, having attained the Perfection, to merge into the Creator and become the Holy Spirit. In other words — to become the Oneness with the United We, Who, in the whole endless history of the Existence of God, becoming Perfect, have merged into the Creator.
        But it is only possible to merge — in the emotions of tender mutual love. For this, it is necessary, in particular, to be already able — being apt to learn this during life in the body — to love emotionally, to fall in love, to weave in one with hands of love, to unite with souls consisting of developed spiritual hearts.
        And there is an opportunity to learn this, only by loving the worthy incarnate ones, embracing with them, merging souls.
        Therefore, it must be recognized as the main direction of spiritual perfecting — the work with the spiritual heart, which is adequate for both adults and children.
        “God is Love!” — and in order to get close to Him, we, too, need to become more and more perfect love!
        And this can be achieved only through the development of oneself as the spiritual heart: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God!” (Matt 5:8).
        It is in the depths of the developed spiritual heart — man finds the Creator: “The Kingdom of God is within you!” (Luke 17:21).
        This was and is taught by the Messenger of the Creator — Jesus. Also now, all the Holy Spirits teach this. But people massively ignore these Teachings of God, substituting true spiritual efforts — by pseudo-religious surrogates…
        On Faith
        (selection of citations from “Legend of Rada and

     Alexey”: Conversation with the Elder Nicholas)
        Faith is a great power! This power grows out from the mind — into the soul.
        Who has strong faith — it’s easy for such man to live! It is — as a small leaf on a tree branch feels the same as the whole tree!
        Faith is the power that holds this leaf together with the twig and the tree itself. And if faith is weak, then this man is like a leaf which was separated from a branch and is driven by wind: to one disastrous place it will be brought, then to another…
        Our monastic happiness is simple: we must always live by the soul — with the Lord! The soul joins with God — through deep faith and pure love!
        And God’s Love is the wonderful Power that feeds the soul and as if knits with the Creator!
        The human body is like a leaf on that Tree of God.
        Time is given to this little leaf-body to blossom, turn green, turn yellow, and perish… And the soul — remains inseparable from God, if it has become filled with love for the Lord during its life, if it has grown fast to God! And if the soul has not grown fast to the Lord — then it, as well as the body, is perishable like a fallen leaf may perish…
        It needs to abase pride in oneself, to eradicate vices, not to sin due to weakness of will, not to give way to one’s own wrong desires, yet to learn the heart love, to apprehend the Will of God!
        And it befits to live so — that everything is only for God! And the rest — He will rule!
        Joyful is such a life with God, when by His Will you live!
        Joy happens when God is in your spiritual heart! It’s already more than just faith…
        When God’s Love overfills the soul, then you are not separated from God: He is with you and you are with Him! And your life — belongs to Him completely!
        Let everything be with us — according to His Will! And nothing is sad at that time, everything is joyful, if you understand that everything comes from Him! And it is inappropriate for us to resist His Will!
        You — feel by the heart! You know already — how! So — you will always feel the Truth of God with your heart even when your understanding cannot be able to!
        Faith and love for God allow one to not fear death of the body. And — to pass worthily all tests falling out in life. And to do the good that is in your powers, but that, which you are not able to change, — to not have sorrow.
        Life is of great value! This is the truth!
        And often a worldly man thinks that nothing is beyond the life of the body… But a spiritual person knows the reason to give bodily life for the sake of saving the soul. And many people did it!
        There is a special state of the human soul, in which faith is so strong and deep, in which faith and love have so transformed the soul — that one does not fear for oneself anymore.
        To transcend the conventional dogmas and experience the Living God — that’s the most important in the faith indestructible! It is only possible to feel — in the heart spiritual! Then the soul will not doubt that God exists and that God is Love, as Jesus taught!
        And then you can stop ‘being afraid for yourself’: fretting for the life of your body.
        You can stop being afraid for what people will think and talk about you… — be it fame, shame, condemnation of the crowd… Those, in whom pride is strong, are afraid of shame and reproach! Words of praise — are pleasant to our pride! And reproaches — cause it pain…
        All this is feared for one who has one’s own main thoughts and concerns — about oneself! But the soul, strengthened by faith and love for God, is no longer afraid of it!
        There is a belief with which a person becomes so full-blown to God, so much accepts to oneself God’s Will that he or she is not concerned anymore for oneself!
        Faith that results from fear — makes man a mindless slave, blind instrument of those who instill this fear!
        But faith that grows out of love for God — brings a person closer to the Lord!
        Faith is easily broken if there is no love for God and no depth of understanding!
        And the Essence of indestructible faith — this is God Himself! With such faith — nothing is scary!
        Comments of Vladimir Antonov:
        1. In order to cultivate such a faith, one must have the true knowledge of God and a sufficient experience of direct communication with Him.
        But how many “believers” exist, who do not even have an understanding about which way to see, looking for God!...
         2. Ethical purity is the first and main sign of someone who is really capable of approaching the Creator, having the right faith.
        But how often do we meet those, who proclaim themselves as spiritual teachers, but are able to steal, deceive, have a vicious self-conceit, developed up to parody, become the creatures of hell by the rudeness of themselves-souls...

        “Evening at Roadstead” — the Song by Nakhimov
        Let’s sing now, my friends! Tomorrow we trek
        To pre-dawn downy mist.
        Let’s be cheerful! And let’s harmonize
        The gray-haired war captain!
        Goodbye, the city beloved:
        We leave tomorrow offshore!
        And flickers astern at the mooring berth,
        Familiar blue her headscarf!
        The evening again is so calm that we
        Can’t live without singing the songs!
        On maritime service, on big sea friendship,
        Let’s sing this together, my friends!
        Goodbye, the city beloved:
        We leave tomorrow offshore!
        And flickers astern at the mooring berth,
        Familiar blue her headscarf!
        At vast roadstead, the silence has fallen.
        And sea is enveloped in fog.
        And native the shore is kissed by the waves.
        And quietly is heard bayan.
        Goodbye, the city beloved:
        We leave tomorrow offshore!
        And flickers astern at the mooring berth,
        Familiar blue her headscarf!
        This beautiful song was first performed on the radio in the USSR in the middle of the last century and then it was repeated quite often for about twenty years. The music for it was created by the famous composer Vasiliy Solovyov-Sedoy, and the lyrics — by him together with Alexander Churkin. (You can read more on the Internet).
        The song was performed by a male chorus, at a slow pace, emphasizing by this the silence and harmony — of both the calm sea, and the whole situation on the ship, and in the souls of sailors.
        It was also executed by Muslim Magomayev at his concerts.
        I think that now, with much richer modern instrumental possibilities, its accompaniment could sound much brighter. The music, like the words of the song, should tune to meditative inner silence spiritual hearts, on the unity — in harmony of soft calm — of souls.
        … The essay, you are currently reading, was created at the personal request of Admiral Pavel Nakhimov, Who has acquired the Divinity and is now in the status of the Holy Spirit. He says that this song-meditation was composed by Him and is passed — with great difficulty — to incarnate people through those two mentioned artists.
        Let us worship Nakhimov emotionally, let us thank Him for this wonderful Gift!
        And let His song sound in our hearts, helping souls approach the state of Divinity!
        By the way, you can ask the Divine Admiral for help in this. He teaches the same as other Holy Spirits: acquiring peace in the spiritual hearts developed to oceanic size.

* * *
        Almost all modern people, living in material bodies on the Earth, do not have the fullness of knowledge about God, about the meaning of our earthly existence, about what God expects from us. God for them is, rather, a symbol, not the Reality.
        But this Reality is so Vast that there is nothing — more in the universe than It!
        Without cognizing God personally, such people can be sure that God, if He exists, is unknowable, and if someone communicated directly with Him, then these were only a few great prophets in remote antiquity… And if someone says that he or she currently talks with God, then this is an obvious psychopathology… Such was the atheistic psychiatric concept on a state level in the USSR…
        Yes, crazy people like that, are, really, enough…
        But God, still, exists.
        And He — even — can speak!
        And His successful disciples really communicate directly with Him — their Main Teacher!
        God — in the Aspect of the Supreme Primordial Consciousness — is the universal in size Totality of Those People Who have attained the Divine Perfection — during the entire infinite history of His existence. He is Their United We, Oneness, the One United Consciousness, consisting of the Great Multitude of the former people who have attained the Perfection.
        Being at the zenith of your own spiritual ascent, you will see this United We and can learn to pour into Him.
        But we usually communicate with His Representatives — the Holy Spirits. Among Them is Divine Admiral Nakhimov.
        … Incarnate people can have contacts also with not Divine spirits, including infernal ones. And often, it happens that the lack of proper competence and reasonableness allows some such mystics to believe that they communicate not with spirits, but with God. That is when schizophrenia can arise — if a person subordinates to them his or her behavior in the material world.
        … How to distinguish: spirits — and Holy Spirits?
        The Holy Spirits are huge, enormous in size. But the main criterion is — Their ultimate subtlety on the scale of multidimensionality.
        The hellish spirits are coarse in energy terms and dark in color.
        One is able to perceive only those “living” energies which correspond to one’s own level of spiritual advancement, and also — the rougher ones. Fundamentally more subtle energies are not perceivable by one — whether one is incarnate, or in the non-incarnate state.
        Therefore, in particular, God does not become perceptible even after disembodiment — for those people who have not attained His level of subtlety during their lives in material bodies. That’s why, it’s useless to ask about God from spirits!
        It is also necessary to take a very critical attitude to the content of books written by mediums from the words of spirits: no spirit, except Holy Spirits, has the fullness of spiritual information!
        Also among the spirits, there are many jokers-liars who amuse themselves, mocking the overly gullible occultists, for whom ethical values are not absolutely obligatory for execution.
        But the total rejection of the ethical principles, offered to people by God, — often becomes a “lure”, especially for the youth. One of such “baits” may be the statement that spiritual Liberation is… just in refusing all restrictions imposed by the society. “What I want is what I do!” — and, as a result, there must necessarily become a mysterious and longed-for “instant enlightenment”… This foolishness can be aggravated by the assertion that, since I am a particle of God-Absolute, it is only necessary to recognize this by the mind — and then all my desires and deeds become Divinely flawless!… I want to — and I kill, I want to — and I steal, rape, rob, humiliate, slander, desecrate!…
        One of the leaders of sects founded on this “methodological basis” even adopted the “spiritual name”, which is translated into English as “Mr. Sin”…
        Or — I was once familiar with a stupid young mystic who, although he was a thief, — at the same time he honored and called himself as the saint. In particular, he claimed that he hears the Voice of God!… I asked him to tell more about this. He replied: “In my head, streams and vortexes of different thoughts are constantly running. My task is to select from them the information that is suitable for me.”
        I hope that my readers understand without complementary explanation the absurdity of such a “method” of “hearing God”.
        In fact, the Voice of God clearly sounds not in a head, but only in the developed spiritual hearts of ethically pure spiritual ascetics.
        … God — in the Aspect of the United We of all Holy Spirits — allows to approach Himself only those, for whom the strictest observance of the Divine ethical principles is the vital priority. And the second most important is the refinement of oneself as a soul, consciousness.

* * *
        Once in a summer, many decades ago, I gathered mint on a meadow — to dry it and then brew instead of tea in the winter. And for several hours, I heard repeated two names: Voloshin and Akinfiev… These names… have been really remembered in mind…
        I told about this my friends. And immediately received a proposal: let’s look in the book with postal addresses!
        And in fact: in this book there were settlements “Voloshino” and “Akinfievo”… So, apparently, there were landowners-noblemen with the appropriate surnames. I began to search in the library’s catalog. And I found the wonderful book of I.Akinfiev on vegetarianism. Since then, I suggest to everyone to read it. The author of this book managed to “get through” to the mind of the incarnate person with consonant spiritual world-view!
        But the former estate of Voloshin, where he invited me, I could not visit: it was possible to get there only by car, but I was forced to sell it (together with the garage), in order to publish on the proceeds one of my first books.
        It was the early episode of my hearing non-embodied consciousness… In what follows, the correct line of spiritual development I chose, allowed me not to “hear voices” of invisible persons, but to communicate with the Holy Spirits as clearly as with incarnate people. And of those who walked along my path, some wrote down verses from the Holy Spirits. And through my colleague Anna Zubkova, the Holy Spirits presented mankind with many books of the highest spiritual significance, illustrating the various nuances of spiritual progress…
        How the Earth Was Created
        “42. Once One came out from Tao; after a time, He had invited two Others; and those Two invited Three more. And all They then engaged in the creation on the planet of various forms of life.”— so in the Tao Te Ching, Lao-Tse told about the exodus from Tao of several Holy Spirits (Te), Which were to create and then supervise the evolution of incarnate souls on our planet.
        The name of the first of Them is Adler (according to the last of His European Incarnations). This name He uses now — in communication with worthy disciples of God. In translation from German, this name means Eagle. Adler’s story about Himself is published, including, in the book titled “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”.
        At first, Adler once created — by compacting Part of Himself and involving the cosmic protomatter resources — the Core of the soon-to-be planet.
        In this Core, He initiated reactions of thermonuclear fusion, similar to those that take place in the Sun, in other stars and in the cores of other “living” planets.
        The processes of thermonuclear fusion in the Core gradually led to the formation of all elements of the periodic table.
        At first, the Core roughly coincided with the size of the modern Earth. But — as the process of synthesizing elements gradually decreased and the temperature decreased accordingly — it diminished. This led to the formation of the crust and mantle of the planet.
        The modern Core of the Earth now warms the planet for us from within, and the Sun — from outside.
        The Core of the Earth is seen for a successful spiritual ascetics — as a quiet, gentle and not scorching (for righteous persons) Divine Fire. This is one of Adler’s Fire Manifestations.
        Other mightiest Holy Spirits helped Adler in the creation of conditions on the surface of the Earth for the existence and evolution of organic bodies, which were necessary for the development of souls in them.
        And then They assisted the spiritual growth of successfully developing souls.
        Then those People, Who had reached the Perfection already on the Earth, also joined in providing spiritual help to incarnate beings and gradually formed around the Core of the Earth another — also appearing Fiery — Lump of a much larger size — in comparison with both the modern Core and the whole planet. This is the United We of Holy Spirits, actively participating in the process of the Evolution of Consciousness on the planet. It is like the Fireball that dwells within the corresponding layer of multidimensionality (eon, loka), and usually extends beyond the planet and its atmosphere from all sides.
        Hermes-Trismegistus in His “Emerald Tablet” advised spiritual ascetics to seek this Divine Light-Fire both above and below the planet. Cognizing It in this way, one can then fill with oneself the whole Ball.
        This Ball was shown to us and we were taught to fill it by Isida and Master M. So it appeared among us the term: “Isi — M Ball” (Isi is a gentle derivative of Isida, so She introduced Herself to us in the first conversation. The name of M is pronounced as [em].)
        … And the outer layer of multidimensionality in cosmic lump under the name the Earth is represented by what people call matter.

* * *
        The human evolutionary task is to go through the outlined path — in the opposite direction: that is, to its Source.
        And as the driving force in this process, can be only love developed in the earthly life: the love for God as the United We of all Holy Spirits.
        The development of this love begins from love for the concrete components of the Creation: in order to be then turned — having been already developed — to the Creator.
        The conditions for the successful development of the emotions of love are the establishment of benevolence towards all beings, also the victory over one’s own egocentrism, and the growth of oneself as the spiritual heart, tenderness, caring, and affection in relationships with concrete kind beings.
        It is in the developed spiritual heart that emotions of tender love are born, it is in it we find the calm which is necessary for the cognition of God.
        The Holy Spirits respond very vividly to our love for Them. They can be seen hugging, dissolving in Their Divine Love Their incarnate disciples!
        And let us learn to love Them — the same way!
        Love — connects.
        But the fear of God, inspired in different bad sects, — separates, detaches!
        The firmament of standard prayers, in which adherents of such sects are assured of their hopeless sinfulness and imminent repayment for it, is the way in the opposite direction from God!
        And those who preach fear of the terrible “God-Fright” are the enemies of true God! And they themselves are guaranteed to become the inhabitants of that hell, by which they intimidated others!
        Yes, hell really does exist. But not God sends people there! People themselves settle in hell, accustoming themselves — when living in material bodies — to hellish emotional states!
        … But those who love God — those, having cleansed their ethics, in particular, having learned to love the Creation and never hate anyone, also not despise, not wish evil for anyone and not cause it to any of the kind creatures, — let those seek and find at first concrete Holy Spirits as the Focuses of their love, then — Their United We in the “Isi — M Ball”, then Adler in the Core of the planet, and then — even deeper — His Extra-Planetary Component. And — from here — there is only one step to the Calm of Tao (Abode of the Creator), where you can rest — to then once more strive for the Supreme Welfare of other worthy people!
        What Can We Do in Nature?
        God can be cognized in nature, but not in temples! In the temples — there is not more of Him than in the natural landscapes!
        He is everywhere. And in the Aspect of the Absolute — He is Everything, except hell, which was called by Jesus “darkness of outside” (Matt 8:12).
        Temples are also needed. They gather neophytes — beginners in religion: to accept the initial information about God and the Way to Him. But how often people receive there instead of the truth — a lie!…
        Demons (spirits of hell) in the temples, too, are quite a lot. Most of all, I met them in the temple of the educational institution of one of the totalitarian (especially large) sects…
        I visited temples of different religious branches. I compared, I looked for everywhere the best. Looking back, I can note that the most beneficial for me was the Russian-Orthodox religious branch. The best thing I gained in it is the thoroughness of penitential work: finding my own ethical mistakes and trying not to repeat them.
        And how often then I saw in my friends, who did not have such a life experience, a complete lack of understanding about the ethical work on themselves!
        In Orthodoxy, I also for the first time became acquainted with the theme of hesychasm, which became the basis of my further spiritual search and the prerequisite for victories over my imperfection.
        … Once Jesus asked me to fill, in the Orthodox church, the whole temple to the top by myself: myself — as a spiritual heart. Gradually it began to turn out!
        But about ten years later, after direct apprenticeship with Jesus and other Holy Spirits in living nature, I suddenly realized: it was not that I could fill the temple, but all the temples… exist in me.
        … Holy Spirits create — by Their presence — working sites: variants of places of power, intended specifically for Their communication with Their incarnate disciples and teaching them. It is about these places — we can say that the concentration of God here is much greater than in the surrounding space!
        Jesus, for example, taught on His working site to become His Tenderness. And then, having learned, we ourselves flooded the surrounding forests with this state, and even the birds began to sing like during spring… in late autumn!
        Cleansing our bodies from the consequences of ethically incorrect nutrition in the past — taught Sufy, Danish Lady Gott, Swallow, Oleg Sukhodolskiy, Igor Vysotin, Han, Huang, Ngomo, Hajji Bei Murat, and many Others.
        Assyris taught being a spiritual heart, consisting of Light and located beyond the material body.
        Yogananda and Yasin explained the possibility of working with the “microcosmic orbit”, which later had to be developed into “the macrocosmic orbit”.
        Ptahhotep, Kurgan-Bashi, Ariadna, Elena Sabashnikova, Bogatyr, and Others taught us, in particular, to create huge Mahadoubles like Their Mahadoubles, and to act by Them.
        And Sathya Sai Baba — by His example — showed how we could easily penetrate the Earth’s firmament, “fall through the Earth”. This gave the most important practical experience of transition from one spatial dimension to another; we, in particular, have learned from personal experience that matter, however hard and impenetrable it might seem to us, cannot in any way impede the Divine Consciousness.
        To distinguish spatial dimensions and become Light, we were taught also by Kair, Vasilyok, and Others.
        And to see with vision of the soul the boundaries between dimensions — Dobrynya taught us.
        Eagle taught us for the first time “jumping into the Fiery Abyss” (of course, not by bodies, but by consciousnesses). So — we learned to be the Divine Fire, to cleanse our bodies with It.
        He, together with Sathya Sai Baba, created for us optimal opportunities for effective work with Kundalini.
        Thanks to, first of all, Babaji from Haidakhan — we mastered the methods of sustainable Mergence with God. I mean, in particular, the method, designated as “total reciprocity”.
        Krishna — from a certain stage of our advancement — taught us to work with the “energy block” of the organism hara, which greatly strengthened our meditative abilities.
        Kim focused us on the development of intangible hands — the hands of the soul, consciousness.
        Huang Di showed us the eon of protomatter, taught to distinguish it from Tao: the Turiya state of God (the state of the Creator in His Abode).
        And Elizabeth Haich on Her working site taught us to live in Turiya.
        Surya, Yamamata, О́din taught to be the “Sun of God” and wash our bodies with Its Light-Fire.
        Nakhimov and Nikifor taught to be the Ocean of Divine Peace.
        And Pythagoras, Adler, Larisa, Konstantinos, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Boris — offered us to develop ourselves in breadth and distance above the real sea spaces.
        Khem, Volhva, Ariadne, Yemelyan — taught to be the Fire Pyramid, under which we find Adler in His extraterrestrial state.
        Also, many other Holy Spirits taught us over the past decades the same and much more. Alexey, Who named Himself at the first meeting with us as the Orthodox Priest of All Russia, also Symeon the New Theologian, Pantaleon the Healer, Dmitriy Pozharsky, Wrestler, Rada, Yeremey, Bayan, Sulia, Grand Master of Sufism, Eaglesform, Bartholomew, Son and Mother Borovik, Lao, Bright New Moon, Lao Tse, Yamamuto, Manuel, Apostles of Jesus Christ Mark, John, Matthew, Andrew, Philip, Mary Magdalene, also Radek Volynsky, Radomir, Emil and His Divine Mother, Tkhya, Hugh, Lin, Sarkar, Sacral, Karas, Carl Rossi, Conrad Lorenz, Lorenz Byron, Yogashira, Divine Finn, Divine Scandinavian Lutherans, Juan Matus, Genaro, Juanito, Carthage, Avalokiteshvara, Rosa, Nadya, Tchiao Li, Sophia, John-the-Baptist, Shakyamuni, Annie Besant, Emperor of Ancient Japan, Wrestler, , Silvio Manuel, Isida and Master M, Abby, Chaitanya, Roman, Mahavir, Patanjali, Lahiri Mahasai, Yuktishvar, Guru Nanak, Divine Imam, Al Byul, Sunny Wind, Titus, Anatol, Maida, Lada, Giant, Theodore Kraysky, Peter and His Wife Katia, Pavel, Alagar, Aumirа, Etey, Carlo Rossi, Nicholas Nekrasov, Nicephorus, Tikhon, Zoya, Cairo, and many Others… I was often ashamed before Some One of Them when I did not recognize Him or Her, could not recall the name…
        … When They saw that we were ready to receive a new portion of knowledge, They invited us to their working sites — and explained how and what to do next.
        There is no way to enumerate all Their names, as well as the methods of development that our Divine Teachers have bestowed on us. Each of Them at different stages of our growth showed us the methods of perfecting which were necessary for us at those moments. (Details about many of Them can be found in the book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”).
        And now we pass to everyone who wants — through our books and other materials — the Knowledge that They presented to us.

* * *
        I tried to tell you, my readers, how interesting and extremely useful can be our lives on the Earth!
        … But let’s take a look: what did and do most believers in the existence of God?
        They, first of all, visit temples, make body-movements accepted in corresponding sects and pray. The main theme of their prayers is “Give, the Lord!”…
        But God expects from people very other!
        Also people argue and quarrel among themselves because of what word is necessary to name God, how to dress, what nationalities are “good” and what are “bad”… Although this does not have any meaning!
        How many people in Russia were burned alive, how many tongues were torn out and hands were cut off — so that they would neither pronounce nor put “heretical” thoughts on paper!
        It occurred though the causes of discords were insignificant, not having any real importance! For example — with how many fingers should people cross their bodies — with two, three, or even five?…
        Also the first hesychasts in Russia, who claimed cognizability of God, were cruelly tortured in Orthodox monastic prisons… Who did this? Those who were convinced that religiosity is only a scrupulous observance of the rituals usual in this sect…
        But are really needed people’s rituals for God?
        After all, no! He is interested only in the fact that people, embodied by Him on the Earth, are perfecting themselves!
        And this improvement consists in what we have said in our books many times: first of all, in ethical purification and in efforts to approach the Standard of Divine Perfection, Which the Holy Spirits show us!

* * *
        Once I made through the internet the distribution of information about our work — to the representations of all countries in UNESCO. I said that true knowledge about God and about the meaning of our lives can radically improve the entire social “climate” on the planet. Let’s cooperate!
        I had received only a single response from the representation of one of the Southern-European countries. In it was written the following:
        It’s great that you, too, are eager to help people of the whole Earth! We are glad to cooperate with you!
        We are here now planting olive trees in the name of peace!
        We also understand that in your north they do not grow.
        Therefore — plant fir-trees!

        It was just at the time when some head of the government level foolishly declared fir-trees — as weeds which hamper the growth of pines. The orders were “downed” to forestries: abolish in each household so much firs! And the economic utilization of that wood in those directives was not envisaged.
        And the workers of forestries were forced to simply cut down the firs in large quantities and leave them lying on the ground, littering the forests and creating fire hazards…
        It became clear for me that it was useless to continue the conversation with that lady from UNESCO.
        A few months later, I read in the press that it was she who was awarded a huge (in my understanding) premium in UNESCO “for the outstanding contribution”: that is, just for the campaign to plant trees… in the name of peace…
        … I do not bother those who do not want to accept God in their worldviews, in their lives! Let them while improving their intellectual abilities in the material world. And — if they want — let they pray!
        But let they, at least, not disturb work for those who are in love for God and really dedicate their lives to Him!
        By the way, through the Prophet Muhammad (Quran 2:256 or 257) God forbade people the compulsion in religion. How wonderful it would be if all people adhered to this rule!
        About Tornados
        In the old days in the USSR, a song for children was often heard on the radio with the words: “Wind of spring will scatter black clouds — and sun will rise above the world!” It was a really beautiful allegory that created an optimistic emotional mood!
        But I met then and at the present time adults who believed that if a breeze suddenly appears among the prolonged rain, it means that this breeze “will scatter the black clouds”…
        But the wind does not have such a function — to disperse black clouds!…
        … When I was about five or six years old, my grandmother, who worked almost all her life as a schoolteacher, was puzzled by my question: “Why does wind blow?” She pondered for a long time, and then answered: “This is because trees are waving with branches…”.
        … Also from my childhood, I remember such a case: during a lesson of geography at school, one of my classmates could not answer the teacher’s question about where Australia is. She drove a pointer on the map… across Europe, trying to find the word “Australia” there…
        Why did I just remember this now? Simply, this is an example to the topic of people’s differences — in terms of levels of their intellectual development…
        … Still, probably, in very old times in some tribes, people fantasized about the causes of wind, believing that this is “god of the wind” blowing from its mouth…
        … Even in recent years, adults (by age of their bodies), whom I met, sincerely believed that our planet Earth had married another planet with a male (in Russian) name. So — now everything will be fine for us!…
        … And even now in Russia, on radio and in television programs, you can hear how “in full earnestness” adults admire the fact that the Russian tsars (kings) “are married (in church) on the throne” — in contrast to the presidents elected by voting. Therefore the king is from God… And his acts, it means, are perfect…
        If, my readers, when you were reading the last paragraphs, the absurdity of such points of view became obvious for you, then you are reasonable people!
        In my opinion, the spreading of absurdities of this level is a case-study of dementia in people — on the scale of a huge country…
        Let us recall the history of the last Russian tsar that was not so remote in time… He started two wars: against Japan and then against Germany… Russian Empire had lost both these wars… And millions died from wounds, other millions remained to live till death being cripples… And how many other woes and sufferings were brought to people by those wars!…
        … Once, journalists interviewed a well-known at that time Russian scientist-astronomer. He, in particular, was asked a question similar in stupidity to that level: “Do you believe that…?” He replied that he is a Jew by nationality, so he cannot believe in such things.
        The author of this essay is a Russian by nationality scientist. But I also do not take anything important on faith: I rely not on faith, but on knowledge.
        And the belief in the absolute significance of ritualism… — what is it based on? If any reasonable person will look back — then he or she will see that no rites, regardless of how they are called, make people either more protected, or healthier, or smarter, or more honest, or better by any other qualities of the soul before God!
        Exceptions are rare: only when the Holy Spirits — on the background of people’s rituals — prompt something to the worthy souls, who have begun their spiritual search and rush in love to God.

* * *
        The wind blows at latitudes far from the equator, primarily due to the uneven heating by the sun of different parts of the Earth’s surface.
        For example, large natural reservoirs are heated up more slowly, than land. But they also — keep the heat in themselves in the fall longer.
        … In the spring and summer, the heat of the Sun warms up the land, and, from it, the air above — more quickly. And — the heated air rushes upwards. In its place, the colder air from the surrounding regions moves, including from the sea or oceanic expanses, which warm up much more slowly.
        In the autumn, there is an opposite phenomenon: large water volumes are the keepers of summer heat, the air above them remains warmer, it rises upwards — and cool air, cooled over the land, rushes to the vacant space.
        Thus, air flows are formed — both on a scale of many hundreds and thousands of kilometers, and local, for example, in the coastal areas. In the latter cases, the direction of the wind can change to the opposite stereotypically during each day, unless these areas are covered by the movement of other large air masses.
        (There are, of course, other factors influencing the formation of weather, for example, vortexes generated from trade winds, but we already talked about this in another article.) The mountain ranges also have a big influence on the movements of air masses and, accordingly, on the weather.
        In the photographs taken from Earth satellites, it can be seen that huge masses of air, moving, often tend to curl. Such phenomena are called cyclones.
        Why there is a tendency to twist? — The reasons can be different.
        But a simple illustration of this phenomenon is that, for example, water often spirals when it is drained from a bath or kitchen sink through a hole at the bottom.
        Like water, the air is twisting. But in cases of cyclones its flow is directed from below — upwards.
        … The air currents can be horizontal; they are usually called as winds.
        But the current may also be vertical: for example, either warm or hot air massively rises to the upper layers of the atmosphere, or large amounts of cold air are descending to the surface of the Earth.
        Tornado — this is a huge force stream of heated rising air. Its width usually remains within a kilometer. The speed of such a vertical wind can reach hurricane force, it raises and tosses cars, destroys houses and other constructions.
        Most often, tornados are formed over intensively warmed by the Sun deserts or steppe landscapes.
        I happened to observe a tornado over the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea — on the day of the putsch in 1991. Putsch was an attempt to revive Stalinism in the USSR. The first decree of this group of criminals was a total removal from the population of the whole country of radio receivers, tape recorders, typewriters, etc., martial law was imposed, troops were moved to the cities…
        By efforts of heroes — the country was saved from that gang. But the result was the disintegration of the USSR: all the national republics that were former parts of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics did not want to live in the "fraternal union” headed by such a Moscow, from which it was possible to expect putsches and other such troubles.
        … We, on the day of that putsch, went to the seashore. There was a strong wind. And over the sea, about a kilometer from the shore, a column of sea water a few hundred meters wide, rose and hid in the black clouds. And the tornado slowly approached us. I rushed to the child playing in the water: “Look — the tornado is approaching! Run quickly home — and warn everyone!” The boy ran home.
        And where can we hide ourselves? I led my companions to the tall trees: though, hugging their trunks, to hold on, so as not to become ascended!
        But the tornado, not reaching the shore by about two hundred meters, began to weaken, settle — and disintegrated.
        … When I told this to those who knew about the putsch, but did not know about the tornado, one of the interlocutors said: “Yes… How interesting that nature has reacted to political events!…”.
        … But why am I telling all this?
        The fact is that one of the themes favorite for TV broadcast organizers in Russia is research of the nature of tornados by American scientists. Those scientists, risking their lives, pursue in cars tornados, arrange and place instruments without end to register the speed and directions of air streams inside the tornados… But — why? Just for the salary? Plus — the excitement of not smart, in my opinion, risk, bravado?
        The message had appeared that, in the middle of the tornado’s column, the device detected a descending flow of air! Discovery! Not for nothing we worked!… But, in fact, that is either a deliberate lie, or the device was damaged by the tornado — and it gave false data…
        And why to risk, if everything is clear? But it is clear — not for all…
        If for those people, the essence of the phenomenon could be understood — they could direct their efforts to much more important matters!
        … I do not see the opportunity to fight against tornados, trying to destroy them. But it is necessary — in those places, where they often happen, — to be ready to defend against them: both for the people themselves, and to save animals and property.
        On the “Greenhouse Effect”
        All readers probably know what a greenhouse is. It is a structure made of solid frames and transparent roof and walls, which freely let in sunlight and, at the same time, prevent heat’s dissipation outside, accumulating it inside the greenhouse.
        Greenhouses are used for early spring growing of both seedlings and fully grown plants. For example, in greenhouses, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinies, garden greens are harvested.
        Previously, glass was used to make greenhouses, now — polyethylene film.
        (By the same principle, much larger buildings are done — those are hothouses).
        So, the main essence of the greenhouse is its transparent top.
        All that was said could be taken as a matter of course and understood by everyone; what else could there be to discuss? But…
        We hear a lot of loud speeches about the “global warming” of the climate on our planet, which is caused by “greenhouse gases”. And the main such gas is called carbon dioxide…
        … All observant people know that to a certain extent a similar phenomenon actually exists in nature. The fact is that if at night the sky has been clear, cloudless — then by morning the air temperature is usually much lower than in the cloudy sky during the night. That is, dense accumulations of droplets of water, forming clouds and black clouds, prevent the “outflow” of heat, accumulated by day from the Sun, — to higher layers of the atmosphere.
        That is, clouds and black clouds at night play as if the role of a greenhouse roof.
        But it is important to take into account that in the daytime — they also prevent the contact of Sun light and warmth with the Earth’s surface. That is, such a natural “greenhouse” for twenty-four hours, not only at night, — does not help to raise the temperature of the lower layers of the atmosphere, where we all usually live.
        What other phenomena can have the same effect? Dust from sandstorms, ashes ordinary and volcanic, risen abundantly into the atmosphere. Forest, peat, and oil fires, burning of coal, oil and products from it — no doubt, harm our well-being.
        But, I stress once again that black clouds, formed from water vapor, as well as from atmospheric pollution by other particles, unlike a polyethylene film, are not transparent, and they, among other things, prevent the heating of the planet’s surface from the Sun.
        As for carbon dioxide, first of all, one must take into account that in the atmosphere, its content is less than one-half (0.5) percent! That is — it’s negligible in comparison with the dominant nitrogen and oxygen.
        It is transparent, that is, the light freely passes through it. And it does not create a “roof”, which prevents the vertical movements of heat.
        There are observations of scientists that carbon dioxide slightly more, than other atmospheric gases, accumulates the infrared component of light. So what? Let’s remember that it is negligible in the atmosphere!
        Therefore, to assert, basing on the foregoing, about its “greenhouse” properties — there is no reason!
        … But carbon dioxide is food for plants; without it, plants cannot live. And plants — give us oxygen, without which we and all animals cannot exist on the Earth…
        And even if it is able to heat up slightly faster than nitrogen and oxygen, this cannot have a significant effect on the temperature in the atmosphere and on the surface of the Earth!
        How to Become Osho (Ocean)?
        When Rajneesh had felt himself to be the Ocean of Consciousness — since then he had asked to be called Osho (Indian word; it means Ocean). This level of spiritual development was reached by him in previous incarnations. And therefore, in his last earthly life, it was boring for him to do what other people do.
        Therefore he began to try to teach others himself.
        To what?
        Yes, he read a lot, so he had common ideas about the meaning of human earthly lives and spiritual transformation. But about how to help his followers also become Parts of the Ocean of Divine Light-Fire, — he did not know. Why? Because he did not remember how he learned this very long ago.
        At the beginning of his teaching, he even offered nothing to purify and develop chakras. He had met with this opportunity only at the end of his earthly life. Apparently, it had happened thanks to my books (which were not yet published in English in those years): because there were no publications with full information on this theme before mine.
        He did not have time to pass this knowledge to his disciples.
        So what did he start teaching his disciples, whom he gathered around himself? He himself did not even call this as the spiritual work, but psychotherapy. He suggested that students begin working on themselves — with the “destruction of the human form” (in the language of Juan Matus, books about Whom Rajneesh was familiar). This means the desire to live not according to the patterns, adopted in an unspiritual society: that is, not according to the patterns that can hinder spiritual growth. And this gave the result that His disciples — in their majority — were existing in a state of harmony, peace, a sense of happiness!
        Rajneesh also believed that by “piercing” by himself-consciousness the contaminated middle meridians of the disciples, he brings them closer to Enlightenment… Yes, this contributed to the purification of their bodies from bioenergy pollutions. But on the new steps of spiritual ascent, one can be consolidated only through one’s own efforts. What was received in the form of a gift, an advance, without one’s own understanding of how one can return independently to the cognized states, is of little use. Such states are quickly lost. Students would need exactly the methods of cleaning the chakras and the main meridians — by their own efforts. But Rajneesh could not teach them this.
        Were there any among his disciples who could achieve more? I do not know, I’ve never heard of such.
        I personally saw only three of those who called themselves the direct disciples of Rajneesh-Osho.
        One of them, a young guy, was almost unable to pronounce other words, except for the name of the guru. Therefore, nothing about him, nor about his personal studies — he could tell. But — under his influence in that town — people began to systematically conduct paid (for renting halls) meetings. However, the owners of those halls did not allow admittance of Osho’s followers more than once. Because the halls and stair platforms turned out to be littered with cigarette butts and other garbage: they declared: “Long live the Permissiveness!”.
        Two other men proclaimed themselves — to be Osho’s Enlightened Disciples!
        One of them was proud of the fact that he had learned to wrap other people in hell — in order to demonstrate his superiority over them. And he also criticized Antonov for the emphasis on working with the spiritual heart. In his opinion, it is necessary to develop only the lower chakras!…
        The other such man proclaimed himself to be a sex-guru — and he was not able to talk about anything other than sex. About the meaning of our lives, about God — he did not know anything and did not want to know!
        However, the women who tried it with him, then spoke about him in such expressions: “Nothing special…”.
        Because of such an obvious meaninglessness of his life — God “awarded” him with cancer.
        We then managed to heal him — against the backdrop of talks about the most important things, which would make sense in life.
        The physicians, who had previously diagnosed him, were very surprised by what had happened: the absence of signs of oncology…
        But he himself has not changed for the better.
        To such people, God usually brings back the disease. However, I do not know how his fate developed after years.

* * *
        And how, after all, to become the Ocean of the Divine Light-Fire?
        We must begin with an ethical cleansing of the soul. We have considered this topic in a very detailed and versatile manner in all our books listed in the end of the book.
        Then it is necessary to cleanse the bioenergy in our bodies; how this can be done — this is described in detail, first of all, in “Ecopsychology”.
        Bioenergy pollutions in bodies come into existence mainly because of one’s own negative emotions, ethically perverse nutrition, as well as from communications — primarily sexual — with rude (in terms of bioenergy) people.
        And — we must learn love!
        “God is Love!” (1 John 4:8, 4:16) — as He Himself spoke and speaks of Himself. Therefore, there is no other way to approach Him without full mastering of this quality!
        And the Creator has created in His Creation for embodied people the appropriate conditions — for people to master love.
        First and foremost, a great help in this, which we can use, is attunement with harmony, beauty of nature, especially in calm mornings! We tried to explain this in more detail, first of all, in such books as “Ecopsychology”, “Spiritual Work with Children”, and also show in films.
        The beauty of human bodies is also a very significant component of the Creation! It gives an opportunity to attune with the subtle and the beautiful, which essentially brings us closer to the states of Holy Spirits. And those, who have a bodily tender subtlety in their temporary disposal, can serve God and people without hiding this quality, but, on the contrary, helping — with its help — others growing spiritually. This is for the owners of such bodies — their service for God and people. (But we should not forget that we live in — mainly — spiritually deprived and aggressive society, impregnated with dumb hatred. And the causes of this are atheism and the lack of true religious and philosophical knowledge among the masses of people).
        The presence of a harmonious satisfaction in sexuality in relationships with spiritual like-minded people is also very important.
        … To cleanse one’s own body of bioenergy dirt and not get polluted again — this is fundamentally important before presuming a direct acquaintance with the Holy Spirits and the Ocean of Divine Light-Fire. It is so, because to go out of the body into the Divine Purity and Subtlety or even to approach one’s state to the Creator — this cannot be done with a contaminated body.
        And then, one has to start — in earnest — developing oneself as a spiritual heart.
        To begin with, one will learn looking from the chakra anahata forward, to feed with one’s love all living beings, holding them on the palms of the immaterial hands emanating from the spiritual heart.
        Moreover, as one grows up as a spiritual heart, let the hands of the soul become larger and stronger.
        Then, when it is mastered, one will have to learn the same, leaving the anahata chakra backwards and expanding there. This is how we can perceive intangible worlds (spatial dimensions, eons, lokas). With the help of the already developed hands of the soul — we can move there between the layers of multidimensionality. And we will learn to stay in the most subtle of them.
        Such work can be best done in the mornings in sunny weather on sandy areas: sandbars or deserted beaches. There are no interfering bioenergy fields of plants, and most often the energy purity, which favors the perception of the help of the Holy Spirits, dominates.
         When we have already mastered the Mergence with the Divine Light-Fire both under the body, and in all segments, and in the middle meridian, and the Ocean is now perceived not only at the level of the body and below, but on all sides of the body, including, above, — then it is possible — from the state of such Mergence — to begin the transformation of the matter of one’s body by the Divine Light-Fire.
        And the Holy Spirits will help Their incarnate disciples learn all the details of this work.

* * *
        Let me summarize what has been said.
        To become the Ocean of Divine Consciousness, to achieve Mergence with God — it is realistic, but one just needs to know — how.
        The main obstacle on this Path is the lack in aspirants of ethical purity. And this, in turn, is largely determined by the level of intellectual development.
        A very large negative role in this can be caused by the informational contamination of this topic, which finds its place in bad pseudo-spiritual literature. These are both the hope for “instant enlightenment”, and the statement that “the more sex — the more a person accumulates personal power”, and attempts to find God “at a point above one’s head”, and much more…
        Rajneesh-Osho manifested himself as a Revolutionary. He focused his listeners and readers of his books with His lectures — on the manifestations of human stupidity, which formed and maintained false religious concepts. By this, he taught many to start thinking on their own — and only for this he deserves our respect!
        I advise you to read his books, although they must also be treated critically. Just one example: he claimed in the book “Mustard Seed” that it is the norm for human males to be aggressive — as opposed to the majority of women’s calm. But not about the aggressiveness of men, here it would be necessary to speak, but it was necessary to use a completely different term: for example, intensity.
        Why Are Seas and Oceans Salty?
        It’s possible to joke like this:
        Seas and oceans are salty, because everyone pees into them.
        And this is happening since the appearance on the planet of organic (that is, embodied in organic bodies) life forms. They pee — and now. And they will pee.
        One can pee directly into sees and oceans. But also — into rivers, flowing into them.
        In science, there is the notion of a catchment area. That is, even if we pee not into a river or brook, but “into land” or into lake, then the urine, after all, falls into the underground waters, which later turn out to be in rivers and, eventually, in seas and oceans. It is also clear that urine from toilets (in cities or village ones) also flows into sees and oceans.
        Therefore, it is possible — in jest — to say that the water of seas and oceans is not water at all, from the point of view of chemistry, rather urine — “in homeopathic dilution”.
        The chemical water from this liquid gradually evaporates, but the salts remain. Therefore, the concentration of salts in seas and oceans is slowly increasing.
        The main salt, which creates for us a salty taste in the sea water, is sodium chloride, which is extracted either from sea salt deposits (including ancient dried up ones, called rock salt), or when the sea water is desalinated. We use salt, obtained in these ways, first of all, — after industrial purification — for preparing food.
        But the sea water contains not only salts which exist in urine. The sea water also contains substances that come into it from both soluble natural minerals, and from plants, including algae, and from bacteria, and from decaying dead bodies, and from excrement, as well as from meteorites and other cosmic bodies falling to Earth. This list may be enlarged by herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and other industrial derivatives, including its waste.
        Sea water usually contains a full set of chemical elements called trace elements. Their intake into our organisms is important for maintaining bodily health. Therefore, adding in adequate quantities, sea water in food — this would be correct.
        But better not to drink raw sea water diluted with fresh water. It contains microorganisms, some of which may be pathogenic.
        It should be taken in mind that in the sea water numerous chemical interactions occur between the elements which are in it.
        Also, an important role is played by bacteria in the change of chemical composition of the sea water.
        On Signs of Human Stupidity
        I heard from a physician who spoke on television that all the bacteria, which got into the stomach, are surely killed in it by hydrochloric acid. The conclusion came from his speech: “Eat any infection! Do not be afraid: hydrochloric acid will save!”. But, in fact, hydrochloric acid is produced by the group of appropriate cells in the walls of the stomach — only in response to the intake of protein food. And also when there is no food in the stomach, there is no hydrochloric acid in it. It, too, is not produced for digesting carbohydrate food: the latter is processed, on the contrary, by alkaline enzymes, which are produced, including, by other group of cells of the same stomach.
        … There are many who do not know the difference between ships and vessels. I will explain: ships are military boats, and vessels are civil ones.
        … And it is wrong to say “animals and birds”, “animals and insects”, etc. Because both birds, and fish, and insects, and worms, etc. — all are animals.
        … When a lot of half-witted (from my point of view) citizens of our country were massively awaiting the advent of the “Aquarian age”, a certain physician tried to explain to me that the “change of epochs” will be conditioned by the fact that the solar system… “will fly into the constellation of Aquarius”. Although, from elementary astronomy, which he should have mastered even at school, it is known that the solar system does not approach any other star systems and does not directly touch them. As for the “Aquarian age”, all these fantastic expectations inspired — I would like to think — not those who had graduated the higher education…
        … Another physician told me that one’s own religious orientation is to be determined in accordance with one’s nationality. “I’m Russian, so I have to be Orthodox!” He was a member of a religious group within Orthodoxy. This group was headed by the “father” with a very large potbellied body and with the most pronounced aggressive arrogance towards other people. The Teachings of Jesus Christ in no way affected his rectitude…
        Why do I mention that those people had doctorate degrees? Because I want to emphasize in passing that the received education, even the higher, does not always make people smarter and more ethical. I happened to communicate professionally with physicians for dozens of years — and I’ve seen enough of this!…
        And the same is true in the religious environment: no ritual “initiations” and “ordinations” add to the members either decency or mind!
        … There are among the physicians and people of other specialties amateurs in speaking, whose speech is filled with “weedy words”. If in the years of my childhood these words — among some members of the teenage environment — were those that are now called “foul language” — now the phrase “Do you know?” has become “fashionable”… I do not want to continue listening to such an orator or interlocutor. Why? Guess it yourselves!
        … There are women who live on the upper floors of high urban homes, and in front of their windows — clear space: not a single high building! But at the same time, they, before undressing, necessarily tightly close the windows with curtains: “so it is accepted”, so that no one sees me naked…
        … There are a lot of those who — in our unspiritual social environment — feel negative emotions towards other people only on the grounds that they have a different nationality, a different skin color, even just another country into which they were embodied by God… I remember the case from childhood. Then the president of the United States of America was Jimmy Carter. And my dad at any rate expressed his hatred of him. I then asked the father: “Why do you hate Carter?”. He answered with hatred: “Because his name is like a crow’s croak: karr, karr* !”. He was a sincere member of the “Communist Party” and was accustomed to hating both President Carter, and crows, and people of other nationalities…
        … And how many there are now of those who are ready to carry out thoughtlessly any orders of the commanders, even if these orders are criminal!… Turning soldiers into zombies through “marching exercises”… The introduction of the ideas of aggressive militarism in the mentality of the masses of people — against the background of the sound of slogans about “the struggle for peace”… But everyone has personal responsibility before God for one’s own actions, thoughts, emotions… Although… for this, one must understand: what God is, where He is, what He expects from me… Or the state policy in some countries is built specifically so that people do not know anything about God, except for just this word itself, — but worship only the head of state (as the most important; the real, visible and audible chief) and his “angelic” environment?
        It would be possible to mention many more examples of human stupidity… But it is better — I will end this topic optimistically: if you notice these and other shortcomings in yourself — eliminate them! And then no one will suspect you of stupidity! Including — God! 

*  “Caw, caw” – in English. 
        About the Faith
        There is the faith in the existence of God.
        But this is not enough! If God exists, then any reasonable person, if he or she has really developed the mind, is obliged to want to cognize: what is He and what does He want from us and all people?
        But this is about reasonable people. And the unreasonable — they will say that “I believe, even observe the holidays! And — leave me alone: I do not want to know anything more!”
        It also happens that people substitute faith in the existence of God — by the doctrine of this or that religious sect. And this doctrine can turn out to be the opposite to the Teachings of God. But in order that it would not be so noticeable, this opposition can be masked by the frequent repetition of the word God and the blame to all who disagree with this my faith.
        … The true faith gradually develops into the Knowledge: God becomes cognized, and the successful spiritual ascetic becomes accepted by the Creator into Himself.
        Whether to Learn Exiting the Body?
        Many people were fond of this theme during the heyday of occultism. In the literature, tales of shamanic legends had been described… Although the goals, probably, of almost all those people were only peeping at others or searching for material treasures. They usually did not set spiritual tasks and did not discuss them. The exception was, perhaps, only Annie Besant and those who were close to Her.
        Later this topic was again stirred up, thanks to the books of Carlos Castaneda, where psychotropic drugs were used to achieve the effect of getting out of the body.
        Although it is important to understand that such attempts by the heroes of Castaneda’s narratives were made exclusively during the beginning of their personal spiritual search.
        Aurobindo Ghose and the Tibetan lamas also spoke on this topic. They are united by the desire to master the exits from the body through the top of the head that, in fact, is not at all even a little promising. And the methods used by them, including long “seclusions” (without understanding what to do during them), described by Satprem, and the ajnic rough mooing of mantras, are completely untenable.
        Equally untenable is the statement of one of the sects, widely known in past decades, that “at the point above the head”, going out there, we find God.
        It is important to see and understand that in all the mentioned cases, God was not the Goal of almost all adherents of those sects. They were not motivated by love-aspiration toward our Creator, but — in the best cases — curiosity, the desire for personal perfection, the desire to get rid of personal dependence on the world of matter, as well as involvement in this fascinating search of others.
        And I emphasize that positive results from these attempts were not known. Because — they simply were not.
        But I know about one very specific admonitory case of achieving a negative result.
        A guy, fond of alcohol and thinking about himself as about a successful mystic, suddenly involuntarily found himself outside his lying on the bed body. He saw around a mass of attacking terrible hell creatures — and made an extraordinary attempt to hide from them again in his body. He succeeded. But he remembered about that case — with horror.
        And what will happen to him and to anyone like him, when the body dies and to hide in it is no longer?…
        Are we striving to find a posthumous life in hell?
        If not — we need to refine ourselves-souls! Only then will we be able to escape hell!

* * *
        It is not necessary to begin spiritual work on oneself with attempts to acquire super-abilities! We must begin with ethical and bioenergy purification of oneself. And also — with the mastery of the completeness of the worldview and the development in oneself of love-aspiration towards the Supreme Goal of our existence — God-the-Creator.
        Further — it makes sense to move onto the next steps of the Path of Modern Developed Hesychasm, which was detailed in this and our other books and even films.
        Life outside one’s own quite healthy and viable material body — in the subtlest layers of the Absolute, where Peace, Love, and Bliss reigns — it will come by itself, if you master the depths of space within your own developed spiritual heart.
        And there — the Real Living God — fully visible, palpable, proving by only His Presence that He is the Most Gentle Love — opens His Embraces. And we — from our own experience — learn that He was always inside of me, in the subtlest layers of multidimensionality, — and waited for when I finally switch my attention from the outer — to the inner.
        External — in this context — is the world of matter, in which we grew and developed. And the inner — the immaterial subtlest layers of multidimensionality, in the very depth of the totality of which we find loving us the Creator waiting for us in Himself.
        Tolerance — or Blame
        The Creator’s basic state is Blissful Calm.
        And the Holy Spirits, emanating from the Abode of the Creator, manifest Themselves — in relation to those approaching by the state of the soul to Them — as the Most Sublime Love.
        Opposite states (that is, the states of the inhabitants of hell) are hatred, anger, irritation, vanity within these emotional states.
        We have the choice: where do I want?
        We have to watch how some people who want to look like “mighty bosses” intentionally develop in themselves infernal qualities. What a pity that they do not accept the Teachings of God!
        Another very noticeable category of infernal souls is drunkards. What are they talking about? What are their emotions? This, first of all, is hatred for everything and everyone around, even for the food they eat. And also — compassion for themselves because of their own “bitter fate”…
        Why did Jesus ask us to learn not to blame others? (Luke 6:37). It was to save us from the perspective of hell!
        Emotions of blame arises in the head chakra ajna (its name means stupid which does not contradict the fact that it should be cleared and developed, like all other chakras).
        In those, who consciously or unconsciously prepare themselves for hell, bioenergy complex of this chakra with manipura (the chakra of upper half of the abdomen) forms. If this complex already has formed, getting rid of it can be very difficult.
        It makes sense to carefully monitor our own emotional states, not allowing even weak manifestations of harmful emotions. (But a mental critical analysis of what is happening, including the actions of other people, must necessarily take place).
        If we see what, we think, is wrong, we must stay in the chakra anahata. And if we have already reached the state of a huge developed spiritual heart, then — in it.
        If we can help the sinners — against the background of our own emotions of love — we will help them. If we cannot — go away, watching our emotions and correcting them, if necessary. (On the art of psychic self-regulation, we discussed in more detail in the book “Ecopsychology”).
        This quality, saving from hell, is called tolerance.
        Perhaps it will be useful to note that in our country, which considers itself to be mostly Christian, they talk about tolerance through television only in order to blame it…
        About Carlos Castaneda
        Carlos Castaneda was known throughout the planet as a mystical writer from the United States of America. His books have been translated into many languages, including Russian. (And it will not be difficult to find them on the Internet).
        What did Castaneda describe in his writings?
        He had met in Mexico with a group of seekers of God (the “Nagual party” headed by Don Juan Matus) and for many years made periodical visits to them. He described these trips in his books.
        They were narratives both about old mystical traditions and modern ways of developing consciousness among the Indians, as well as personal attempts by Castaneda to join the methods of their work.
        The greatest benefit for us is the clear, as possible, records of his conversations with Don Juan and Genaro. (Although he did not correctly understand all in those conversations).
        In general, the works of Castaneda have created a whole era, characterized by a surge of interest in mysticism, especially in the youth environment. But at the same time, both positive and negative trends were activated in the minds of readers — depending on the initial properties of souls.
        For example, the greatest interest in readers was to using narcotics as the narrative heroes did at the beginning of their spiritual search. In this trend, Castaneda himself was involved ... — and died, in the end, from liver cancer...
        Another negative trend led to the emergence of many groups of “Castaneda’s followers”, where the organizers wanted to “destroy the human form” of the participants. This was expressed in bullying them, also in mandatory “sexual initiations” of all newcomers... Of course, this could not bring any benefit to the “students”. But the organizers get the opportunity to satisfy their lowest feelings of souls.
        The “human form” (the totality of false patterns of emotional and behavioral reactions, imparted by breeding and imitation, and now hinder spiritual growth) can indeed be destroyed, but not otherwise than against the background of the development of the spiritual heart.
        About how Castaneda created his books, his wife told (M.R.Castaneda — “Magical journey with Carlos Castaneda”). In the beginning, he described everything, as it seemed to him, was in fact, and then he altered the texts in such a way as to intrigue the readers to a greater degree.
        Is it possible to say that the author showed dishonesty by this?
        I do not think so. After all, his interest — as a writer — was precisely mercantile, not spiritually-educational.
        But, nevertheless, falseness in his books abounded! I mean almost all the “miracles” he described, in which he participated or which were witnessed by him.
        How was this explained? Was this just a willful lie for the sake of popularity?
        No. The reason is different. The leader of that group, Don Juan and His companions, at the beginning of their search, tried to grope techniques that would allow them to directly explore the nagual (intangible worlds, layers of multidimensionality). The first such unfortunate experience was drugs. The second was an attempt to learn to feel consciously oneself in dreams. To do this, it was necessary — in relaxation — to “catch” the self-feeling between the waking state and the dream. And further — to try to keep the fullness of self-awareness in the dream.
        What actually happened? Man... as a rule, fell asleep, he or she saw the usual dreams... But Castaneda believed that it was a real mystical experience — and recorded, having woken up, everything — as if it was a highly valuable spiritual experience he had obtained. Plus a bit of intriguing fantasy…
        This technique, in the end, was also recognized as not promising; from it, as well as from drugs, the members of the group of Don Juan refused.
        But the real success was gotten only due to walking by the “path of love”. (I spoke about this in detail in the article “The Teaching of Juan Matus” published in the books “God Speaks” and then “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”; this article was also reprinted from our website by one of the Russian talkers on a mystical theme and published by him under His own name).
        Castaneda did not take for himself the “path of love”. Even to find his own success in personal spiritual progress is difficult. For example, he did not understand that he was tried to be taught by Don Juan about segments of the human body, as well as about “right-sidedness” and “left-sidedness”. In fact, it was a matter of the same segments, just not of the body, but of the developed consciousness existing outside the body. The using in the meditative work of both these structural units significantly increases the effectiveness of the meditative work.
        Castaneda did not take the themes of either love or subtling of consciousness, he remained a “head” (ajnic) person. His personal interest in the knowledge of God — in his books is not traced.
        But Don Juan, His closest friend Genaro, Silvio Manuel, and the Divine Lady from Their group (She did not enter into conversations with us and did not give us Her name) are now the Holy Spirits and participate in spiritual help to incarnate disciples of God.
        For someone among the readers, it may be interesting to know that Don Juan and Babaji (from Haidakhan) have created, among other things, the common for both of Them forest working site, where They jointly help the worthy disciples. This fact, in particular, vividly demonstrates that for weak incarnate souls are dear the religious traditions of their ancestors, which are so different. But for Those Who have attained the Divine Perfection, there are no such differences: world-perception and methodology at the highest levels of spiritual ascent are common to all people.
        Don Juan and Genaro during decades, along with other Perfects, gave step-by-step spiritual knowledge to us — Their disciples. And now, having mastered the Path offered by Them, we give this knowledge to you.
        So, we must be sincerely grateful to Carlos Castaneda for the fact that he was able to collect and pass this knowledge to mankind!
        Is There Life on Other Planets?
        Yes, of course, it is both on planets (and other cosmic bodies), and inside them, and around.
        The only question is: what we mean by life.
        Most people put into this word the meaning that there is (or is not) just material organic forms of life.
        But non-incarnate souls of different quality and God in His various Manifestations are also forms of life.
        But for people, who do not have sufficient spiritual experience, intangible forms of life are invisible. That’s why such people are afraid of non-embodied forms of life, endowing them with awesome qualities of ghosts and poltergeist performers. And God is also thought by many as a punishing sinners Fright…

* * *
        We all really live in a multidimensional space. But other dimensions are not visible for ordinary vision.
        Although those people, who have developed themselves as consciousnesses, are able (even during the lifetime of their material bodies) to enter into those dimensions, to see, hear, touch, and participate in the events occurring there.
        But such people — in percentage terms — are not many.
        How can the rest — understand this by the mind, imagine?
        We discussed this in different angles in our books. But I’ll try once more.
        … Let’s imagine our planet in the form of a ball. It — from the point of view of multidimensionality — is multi-layered. External layer is the more dense dimension: the world of matter. And, the deeper to the center of the Earth the spatial dimensions are more subtle. All of them are nested one into another — inside the ball. In the very depths of the planet is almost the most subtle state of the energy of the Absolute. And the most deep layer — on the scale of multidimensionality — is the extra-planetary state of the Absolute, from Which the creation of the Earth was begun.
        Once again: inside the ball there are non-material layers of multidimensionality, and, the more subtle is the energy that exists in each layer, the more deep this layer is located on the scale of multidimensionality.
        And the deepest layer is the Primordial Consciousness of the Creator and the Holy Spirits, emanating from Him.
        This energy Layer of the Living Divine Consciousness is omnipresent: it evenly exists in multidimensional Depths in the whole universe. And also — inside the body of each of us.
        This situation takes place, including, in every planet. That is why we can rightly say that the Divine Life is inherent in each of the planets.
        And are there really incarnate forms of life on those planets? This is a completely different topic, less important than what we are now discussing.
        Why? But on the basis of what has been said, it is entirely possible for everyone to build a plan for direct cognition of the Creator! It is necessary just to learn — under the guidance of the Holy Spirits — to dive into that multidimensional Depth. How? With the help of methods of modern developed Hesychasm. That is, through the mastering of the depths within one’s own spiritual heart with the parallel subtling of consciousness.
        A lot of details can be found in our books and films.
        Passing and mastering by developed consciousness the path from the world of matter to the Primordial Consciousness is the Straight Path of the spiritual ascent.
        At its end, the spiritual zealot poured into the Creator, becoming His integral Part. And already from there, He or She helps in the development other embodied beings.
        The Method of Self-Healing
        For those who have already mastered such elementary exercises of psychical self-regulation, as looking from the chakra anahata in all directions and Pranava (see in the book “Ecopsychology” and in our video-films), I can offer a pleasant and effective summer method of prophylaxis and healing from, I think, any diseases (on, of course, condition of sincere aspiration to ethical purity). (Please understand that these my words in no way exclude, if there is a need, seeking help from physicians!)
        Pre-practice may be as follows:
        We go swimming in a lake or sea with enough warm and calm water, in sunny weather. It will be better — if there is such an opportunity — to enter the water without any clothing: so it is easier to attune with the tattva (generalized — natural element) of water. (There is the concept of naturism — the naturalness of communication with nature, which includes bodily nudity. Naturism is recognized and protected by the international legislation of UNESCO. Also there is an International Federation of Naturism — INF, functioning under the auspices of UNESCO. But I believe that this trend should not have signs of behavior that cause negative emotions in those people who have other beliefs.)
        We dive, enjoy contact with water, then stop neck deep in the water. Hands — relaxed, directed to the sides.
        I — each — feel not my body in the water, but the water around (at the greatest possible distance) in which my body is located.
        Do not let the concentration of attention go on for a long time above the surface of the water.
        I perceive — from this state — the body ahead of me. I try to move by Light through the body: first from behind — forward, then — in all directions.
        Having imprinted this state (in one, several or many such trainings), it will be possible to repeat the same — outside the reservoir: even, for example, at home.
        As far as mastering the exercise, the body will be freed from gross dark energies, become transparent and bright inside. (So at the same time, you can develop the ability of clairvoyance).
        And how to deal with the head: because it remained above the surface of the water?
        You can use the following methods:
        1. We immerse the head for a while in the water or in its image — and act on it, as on the rest of the body.
        2. With the hands of the soul, we enter the head from below and scrape out all dark energies from it. Or you can use images of surgical tools of the appropriate size.
        3. Create an image of a water-Light fountain, rushing through the head from the bottom up and washing it.
        Elimination of the symptoms of diseases or their rudiments can occur either immediately or gradually.
        … I would very much like to know that competent adult educators will teach such healing and prophylaxis procedures in the playful style to children — in addition to the techniques mentioned in the book “Spiritual Work with Children”!
        Children, who have successfully mastered this healing and spiritualizing game, can be offered to feel themselves Neptunes and Aphrodites, emanating from the water — into the Light above and consisting of Light.

        Perfection Means to Become the Holy Spirit!
        What only do people call perfection? This can be both the mastery of one or another professional activity, and the posts, ranks, titles achieved in society, and even success in mastering the “art of murder”…
        But so think atheists and those who, although they call themselves as believers, do not have an understanding of what the word God means and what He expects from us.
        But He desires, first of all, us to aspire to namely spiritual Perfection. And He waits for us to make efforts in this direction. In other words, the Creator is waiting for us — having become Perfect — in Himself!
        The Holy Spirits serve us as the models for imitation. They are for us the Standards of Perfection. And also — the Divine Teachers.
        But for successful improvement, we need, above all, to master the ethical Teachings of God. It consists of refusing, as it is possible, harming all good beings, and also developing in ourselves the quality of unobtrusive love-caring for others. (You can read more about this in the books “Ecopsychology”, “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present” and in all other books published by us). “Non-killing” nourishment (i.e., vegetarianism) is an obligatory component of spiritual ethics.
        Let us also consider such a principle: “We aspire even not to grieve anyone of good beings!”
        The second necessary component of readiness for spiritual ascent is the bioenergetic purity of the body. We cannot leave the material body, polluted by bad energies, — into the spatial dimensions of Divine Purity.
        Bodily bioenergy purity is achieved by methods, which have been described in the book “Ecopsychology”.
        All that is said is the prerequisite, on the basis of which one can move on to the real direct cognition of God in all His Aspects and direct study from the concrete Holy Spirits. This study is intended to become like They are. This will be the Perfection. Then it becomes possible to freely enter the Abode of the Creator, to merge into Him, to leave the Mergence with Him partially — again to help incarnate beings.
        The main and final stage of spiritual growth consists of two main components: a) further refinement of self-consciousness (buddhi) and b) direct quantitative growth beyond the limits of the material body.
        On the Way of subtling the consciousness, we must become as refined as our Divine Teachers — the Holy Spirits. The first place in this, should be a categorical rejection of gross emotional states, which may arise, among other things, against the backdrop of stressful situations. This may be achieved by means of the methods of psychical self-regulation (see the book “Ecopsychology”).
        As for the quantitative growth of the consciousness, it is carried out by the appropriate meditative methods.
        Development in both listed indicators is possible namely through the methods of hesychasm — in its modern developed version. This means the growth of consciousness as the spiritual heart. There are no other variants of refinement and a significant quantitative increase of the self-consciousness.
        Let me remind that we have repeatedly discussed in our other publications: God in the Aspect of the Creator (God-the-Father, Tao, Ishvara, Allah, Svarog, etc. — as He is called in different human languages) is the UNIVERSAL SINGLE ORGANISM; but He consists of the Multitude of Interconnected Holy Spirits, that is, from Those Who have comprehended this status throughout the infinite history of the existence of God.
        “So, be ye Perfect, as your Father in Heaven is Perfect!” (Matt 5:48).
        Once Again about the Straight Path
        The term Straight Path is found both in the New Testament (2 Peter 2:15) and repeatedly in the Quran. Also the expression the Short Path is applied, which means the same: i.e., the quickest and easiest way to approach the Creator in terms of the quality of individual consciousness, cognition of Him and Mergence with Him. (See also in “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”).
        For those who already have passed this Path, it is quite clear that in order to master this, one must have an understanding of what God is, and also develop oneself as the spiritual heart. It is only the spiritual heart that allows a person to perfect oneself simultaneously in two most important components of the spiritual Path: in a quality of love (because “God is Love!” — I John 4:7-8) and by the criterion of the quantitative growth of self-consciousness. (On the methods of this growth, we have told much in our books and films).
        … But, if we hear someone’s preaching about the Straight Path, this does not mean that there are not in his or her conception any voluntary or willful mistakes or lies.
        The total perversions in understanding of what is the religious Path were most clearly traced in the “Christian” movement during the era of the “holy inquisition” and the “crusades”, and now — among the fooled by false preachers (aggressive primitives, devils in the flesh) of certain (but significant) part of the Muslims.
        Namely, they allege that the Straight (Short) Path to God consists in sacrificing one’s life in a material body — with the taking with me “to the next world” as many as possible of those who think differently from the leader of my sect, whom I trust.
        … Sacrificing myself for the sake of others is righteousness before God!
        But if people sacrifice themselves for the sake of a false goal, committing not acts of heroism, but crimes — both before people and before God — what should be opposed to such people “to sober up” them? After all, they — having been deceived by the promises of paradise for their “exploits” — get not paradise at all, but hell!
        … God gave us life in the material body on the Earth — not at all for us to reject these Gifts, and even in such a rude, ignorant way!
        He gave us these lives for us to perfect ourselves!
        Everyone must apply this knowledge to oneself and to each other! We should strive not to kill, but to grow spiritually and help in this everyone whom we can! (About how to grow spiritually — we told in detail in our books and films).
        In my opinion, the knowledge about God, about our meaning of life and, correspondingly, about what God is expecting from us, about how He wants us to be — which is expressed by a simple for understanding language — this knowledge should be spread through the mass media, through textbooks for schools and universities — and, first of all, in those countries where the seats of this criminal sectarianism have nestled.
        But why don’t politicians do this?

     My Treasure

        The Holy Spirit named Kayr suggested me to set out for the readers the follow-ing thought:
        For someone, their treasure is money, real estate, cars, lands, other people, in-cluding spouses, etc.
        But for a true monk or nun his or her Treasure is God.
        Such one — as a result of committed appropriate spiritual efforts — seeks to embrace one’s beloved God — and dissolves in Him!

* * *
        This thought coincides with Jesus’ words: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34).
        And it should not be understood allegorically, but literally: one should seek to place oneself — as a developed spiritual heart — in the Primordial Consciousness, Which has become for one the Highest Treasure.
        Such aspiration aims at finding and mastering the ways of rapprochement with the Primordial Consciousness in the quality of oneself-soul, also in the cognition of Him and Mergence — in the end — with Him.
        But in order to realize what has been said, one must have knowledge of what God is, where and how to seek Him.
        You can get acquainted with exhaustive information about this in our books.

* * *
        Yes, it is very important for a spiritual seeker to have enough information about his or her Goal on the spiritual Path. This Goal is God in the Aspect of the Primor-dial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Jehovah, Rod, Svarog — these are the different names in different languages of One God).
        If one does not have this Goal — he or she is doomed to wander in the existing confusion of various pseudo-religious concepts, sometimes very dangerous and even obviously harmful. I mentioned many such examples in my books.
        An alternative to God as a true Goal — is one’s egocentrism.
        For example, my familiar physician argued that everyone is a “closed system”, and therefore it is necessary to perfect oneself only within one’s own body…
        He died in this “closed system” of brain cancer…
        On the basis of such a worldview, miserable mystics try to isolate themselves in every way — from the influence of any non-embodied and embodied beings…
        Here it is — one hundred percent self-centeredness, which opposes God-Centrism!
        And for God — such pupils, clearly, are useless! He needs us, who do not know how to hate, get irritated, be afraid, — but who know how to love, that is, to give their love!
        What else, in addition to self-isolation, do esoterics-egocentrics seek? This is — first of all — “personal power”. It means, mainly, the ability to dominate psycho-energetically other people, to subordinate them to oneself, to “conquer” in any con-flict situations. And practice shows that, the rougher the energy of such a soul, the more “success” such a person-devil can achieve in a spiritless society.
        So people doom themselves to hell.

* * *
        It’s so easy to understand: the roughness of the soul (which is expressed in the predominance of namely gross emotions) is the path to hell, whereas the subtle tenderness, affection, willingness to give but not to draw to oneself — are paradise properties, leading to paradise and revealing the road to the Abode of the Creator.
        This is what God taught and teaches through Jesus Christ, those Messiahs, Who incarnated before and after Him, and through all the Holy Spirits.
        The truth is to “turn from evil” (Rom 12:9) — and open up oneself to God! Only in this case, it is possible to cognize Him and merge with Him!
        This is achieved through the development in oneself of the ability to love!
        Learn to sincerely love everything beautiful in the Creation and then all the Creation as a whole, master through this the ability to emotionally love — and then you will be able to learn to love the Creator, Who will allow you to get close to Him, to cognize Him and merge with Him!

* * *
        But there are among people those who wish to live not in accordance with the Teachings of God, but in their own vicious opinion, cultivating crude “personal power” in themselves…
        There are variants for teaching such a diabolical “science”… One can imagine an image where the creatures of hell scream: “Come to us to learn, we will save you!”.
        … There cannot be people with advanced intelligence among the creatures of hell. And those who are called stupid — they can behave very aggressively. These are called aggressive primitives.
        For example, one of them, a fascist leader and maniac-murderer several years ago proclaimed the “truth” that the word God (in Russian — Бог) means “There will be only One Head” (in Russian — “Будет Одна Голова”)… One can brightly imag-ine a happy idiot, fully wreathed in bliss because of possession of this “higher knowledge”…
        But such idiots in reality are around a lot…
        Another example. The physician and companion of the just mentioned aggres-sive primitive, has grown himself into a powerful embodied devil. And he was not ashamed to publish his photo on the Internet: a disgusting piercing and enslaving look, capable of plunging into hell any weak soul…
        … A lot of people in our country mix the notions of spirituality and power. They become admirers of that “personal power”, which devil-people possess. They con-sider such power… an indication of spirituality! And they strive to receive from such “devils in the flesh” “blessings”, go to them as pupils, paying money for their own complete fatal failure…
        … The strength of the soul on the spiritual Path is needed. But it must be strength in subtlety — a subtlety of consciousness! It — in practice — is approxi-mately proportional to the size of a concrete soul.
        … The just mentioned physician for many years conducted courses, teaching mystical fear and means of “repelling attacks of dark beings”. For this, it was nec-essary to become even stronger in hatred — in relation to those “beings”…
        Such “courses” should inevitably lead to the development of psychopathology among followers — in the type of schizophrenia. But he justified by the words that the cause of those mental disorders was in his victims… were under the influence of Antonov, who “opened” their “protective shells”… He put a lot of effort into dam-aging the activity I was doing under the guidance of God.
        I note that for all those monsters, God was not the Supreme Reality, but only a “way to speak”. They did not suspect that they were committing their crimes in the Sight of God and accordingly built their fates for the future. God was not accepted by them in their world outlook.
        … Another member of that company, who called himself a healer and at the same time practiced surrounding his body with “angry” creatures of hell, has be-come a pathogenic pseudo-healer: only talking with him was enough to become sick…
        He was stabbed to death in the bath of his own apartment — probably by either a victim of his “healing”, or by someone from her relatives or friends.
        All these and other members of that “esoteric gang” fought against me for decades: they slandered publicly, condemned me for preaching the Teachings of God! Murder of me and the subsequent attempts of reprisal — it was all the actions of the same gang.
        I will not continue to talk about their other crimes. And I will not name the or-ganization for which they “worked”. There is no point in teasing aggressive primi-tives, it’s better not to look at them at all — and continue to do your own deed, en-trusted by God!
        And I did not answer and do not answer with hatred — to their hatred and dirty deeds! On the contrary, I am grateful to them: they were — like one of the Hands of God, with Which He drove me, forced me to perceive every day of the life in the body on the Earth as, perhaps, the last one. And, after all, as a result, I managed to do a lot for people and God!

* * *
        Yes, non-embodied and embodied beings of hell do exist. And God sometimes uses them to create “troubles” for those incarnate people who do not heed His In-structions. Meaning? — to make those people stop on their way and think about how to prevent their undesirable fateful actions.
        What should we do or not do, so that small and large “troubles” in our lives do not happen?
        There can be two general solutions.
        The first — false — striving to acquire such strong devilish qualities so as to become more powerful than all creatures of hell!
        But this means “submergence” into hell…
        Another solution is to turn away from evil and cling to Goodness (Rom 12:9). And the Highest Goodness is our Creator!
        On this subject, the Apostle Philip spoke fine in His Gospel (we published it as a separate booklet, then in the books “God Speaks” and “Classics of Spiritual Phi-losophy and the Present”): striving — by the quality of the soul — to God. And then you, as the soul, will become invulnerable — in relation to the creatures of hell!
        The essence of this phenomenon becomes quite understandable if we include in our worldview the true knowledge of the multidimensionality of space and the structure of the Absolute (see in our books).
        And then — the Holy Spirits become quite concrete Standards of Divinity, to Which we should strive!

* * *
        God does exist! And there is an opportunity to cognize — what He is!
        And if so, then it means that it is appropriate to study what He wants from us — and fulfill His Will!
        His main desire for each man is his or her practiced aspiration to the spiritual Perfection!
        Let’s remember that Jesus Christ taught us to become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5:48)!
        And “only love can… cognize Me in My innermost Essence and merge with Me!” (Bhagavad Gita 11:54; see in “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Pre-sent”).

     Once again about Karma
        This essay is about how karma is formed and realized, as well as how one can live with pure karma, how one can not be afraid of threats from the beings of hell, but be the direct disciple of God and serve Him.

* * *
        Once I had taken for myself such a vital principle:
        “Try to do no harm to anyone, not even to grieve. On the contrary, following the example of Jesus Christ, to strive to help all in all good, even to the detriment of oneself.”
        So I lived many last decades of this life on the Earth. And God constantly showed me the further Way into Himself and has let me into Himself.

* * *
        Probably, almost all people of the “Western” mentality heard the word “karma”, but only few people went into the understanding of the mechanism of its formation and realization.
        In general, the “law of karma” can be formulated, including, as a reward for the good — by good; and for evil — by evil. The destiny (karma) of each of us is controlled by Holy Spirits, but sometimes they shift the realization of concrete events to spirits not Holy, even of hell.
        Atheists and primitive believers do not understand that we cannot hide anything from God. If someone is sure that he or she has managed to hide their crimes from people, this does not mean that those crimes will remain without an adequate response from God.
        God is interested in people to become perfect, including, first of all, ethically. That is why He manifests His Love in relation to everyone — namely by different methods (sometimes — very painful), trying to wean from ethically inadequate actions.
        In particular, it also happens so: people and animals, offended in one or another way, when they, having been disembodied, easily find their offenders! And those who have been offended can start revenge (not all are adherents and executors of the Teachings of God, offering us not to take revenge; see “The Teachings of Jesus Christ” about our meaning of life and how to realize it).
        The vengeful spirits have many opportunities to “spoil life” of incarnate offenders. For example, it is possible to prevent successes, foster failures, “spoil the mood” from day to day, cause illnesses, including mental diseases, as well — cancer, settling in a human body.
        This relates, among other things, to the topic of killing animals for the sake of eating their bodies.
        Stupid “clairvoyants” will in such cases seek and blame someone who allegedly “has imposed a generic curse”… Although the patient oneself was guilty. And he or she must seek and find the fault in oneself. And — sincerely repent! That is, to repent so that such sinful deeds become impossible in all subsequent life!
        Clearing the soul of the very ability to sin is the only task of repentance!
        If we simply heal someone without analyzing the causes of suffering and, even more, if we look for guilt in someone else, — then from such “help” often there is only harm.

* * *
        It’s possible to observe also the opposite. I mean the protection of the righteous people from troubles, carried out by the Holy Spirits.
        It is necessary, for it to be clear to readers, to mention how the dossier was formed on me. It was composed — mostly or completely — of lies.
        For example, it says that I have not worked anywhere for many years. Although I could easily prove the opposite on the basis of the entries in my “workbook”.
        Or — that I conducted “group sex” classes. But this in my life was never, even in my thoughts. This diametrically contradicts my convictions!
        On this, I digress a little from the main theme of the essay: for us together to laugh.
        Some decades ago, I conducted classes on cleaning chakras and “opening” the spiritual hearts.
        At those courses, including, two adult daughters of one of the professors of the university participated.
        One day, the eldest of them calls me on the phone and anxiously asks for an urgent meeting.
        We have met. She explained:
        — How it’s so? — you, it turns out, are conducting also “group sex” classes, my sister told me about it, she herself took part! But I did not miss a single lesson from you! How did it happen that I did not know anything about this?!”
        I had to console her:
        “I’ve heard from you about this kind of classes for the first time. I’ve never been in them either!”
        … In the city where I live, a few years ago there were 12 of my full namesakes, including the patronymic. One of those men had become a banker. He, possibly, has committed some kind of delinquency. In the messages on the radio, it sounded that the police arrested him in Latvia, then in England.
        Of course, we had different passport data, also he was half my age, was fond of, unlike me,… football.
        But the information about his possible bad actions was served as the basis for accusing… me of “money laundering”…
        … I saw my dossier once in the prosecutor’s office. Although I did not read it. It looked very voluminous! How much dirt was fabricated on me in it! How else to explain the hatred to me, which several times “spilled out” of it?! There — including, was that I even had been treated for alcoholism, was kept in the “psychiatric hospital”, also that I am a leader in the activities of different sects…

* * *
        Members of the gang, which I mentioned in other publications, planned to rob my apartment — for collecting discrediting evidence on me.
        Specific performers were given the address: the house is so-and-so, the apartment is so-so, on the first floor immediately to the right.
        But “immediately to the right” were two apartments. In the dark at night, the robbers were mistaken — and “have cleaned” the neighbors’ apartment when the tenants were not at home. The robbers took everything from the apartment, including the furniture.
        I saw then, returning home, how from that apartment they took out and loaded furniture into the truck. But I did not attach importance to this fact: what is so special about it if the neighbors move? It does not at all concern me…
        Of course, the criminals “were not found”.
        I’ve got to know about the fact that the robbery was committed only after about six months.
        In the stolen — the criminals did not find any traces of Antonov. And then — about a month after the crime — a stream of emails with only one theme came to me: “For God’s sake, tell me, is Antonov alive? If so, how to contact him?”.
        I did not answer such emails.
        … Then the bandits decided to at least partially “correct the mistake” by arranging a fire — under the “right” apartment. And I saw the preparation for this crime: one of the members of the gang, consisting of only the hatred, photographed my apartment windows (he followed the surveillance of me and until recently — insolently, openly, to scare!)
        Having broken a cellar window at night, they threw a fiery mixture into it. The fire had begun, which, according to the plan of the criminals, was supposed to spread, as is usually the case, up the house.
        But… again, “it did not work out”! Someone managed to call the firemen — and the fire was extinguished in time.
        … Then they decided, finally, to kill me. They caught in the yard at night — and… again wrong: they killed not me, but a guy from our front, also wearing a beard…
        The criminal case on the fact of murder was not created, despite the insistence of the mother of the deceased…
        … Sometimes I was asked:
        “Why did not you complain to the police?”
        “But those honest police officers, who would take up the investigation, would be killed!”
        … I was ready to take only on myself the responsibility for my serving God. “To hide behind” others — nothing shall induce me! My mentality was, on the contrary, to fight for others, and not hide behind anyone. So hide — criminals. But I’m not a criminal. Criminals — they are! And I — with a clear conscience — rely on God, serving Him!
        … It could take a long time to talk about the crimes of that gang.
        For example — to mention a balloon with nerve gas, caught in the hand of the murderer who once killed me (I told about this in the book “How God Can be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God”). Such balloons are not sold in stores, but they are in service of employees of one of the organizations.
        Or — about emails with threats to “cremate alive” me and cripple all my colleagues… The last — also once was attempted. But… again it did not work!
        Even the threat of murder is a criminal offense. But… there are those to whom… “everything is allowed”…
        The eavesdropping, intrusive surveillance, lasting not years but for decades, not only in the city, but sometimes in the forest, when collecting mushrooms, and on the country seashore… I could laugh a long time with you about some of their methods, but this… is prohibited by law…
        And they feel themselves… the makers of the destinies of concrete people and history! And — with impunity! What a wonderful occasion it is for the development of vanity! How primitive, stupid — those “makers” were…
        We already spoke about the illusion of “impunity”. Those criminal will also find out about this later. But, unfortunately, too late…

* * *
        I, as a scientist, have managed not only to study God and tell people about Him, about the Way of cognition of Him, about the importance of our lives on the Earth. But I grounded the inadmissibility of using drugs, told about how to live without diseases and heal both oneself and others. I also explained the perniciousness of the concepts of sects, called destructive (destructing psyches of adepts). Also, I repeatedly expressed in the press a negative attitude towards nationalism and nazism (fascism). Including — with regards a modern sect, born in a Muslim environment, where it is claimed that the paradise is comprehended through… killing “infidels”.
        I am sure that no reasonable person will deny the high importance of such activity.
        And those who fight against me — they, it turns out, secretly support all this filth, isn’t it?

* * *
        This question of readers is pertinent: what kind of people are they who are capable of hating so much one who lives in accordance with the ethical principle indicated at the beginning of this essay?
        This is a very important topic.
        Why did some people hate Jesus Christ, who tried to teach them the Law of God about spiritual perfecting, in which the main essence is love?
        Why did those, who only called themselves Christians, but were ardent enemies of God, torment and kill during the following centuries other people, including true Christians, disciples of God?
        Why, in general, even outside of the connection with religion, people are divided into those, who like to taunt others, enjoy by their pain, beating, torturing, to intimidate, to kill, — and, on the other hand, those, who aspire to exist in love-harmony, love-tenderness, love-caring for others, even risking themselves?
        Has the answer already become obvious? Or not?
        So, people are divided into those who aspire to hell — or to paradise.
        Yes, there are non-embodied and embodied souls — both paradisiacal and hellish.
        And God cares, first of all, about the paradisiacal souls.

* * *
        To fight against crime, there are special state structures: the police, the prosecutor’s department, etc. What concerns precisely me, I do not have any sense of taking revenge on human abominations for the committed crimes: all those people will necessarily get from God what they deserve!
        And different tasks are in front of me.
        As for my attitude towards them, it is calm. I’m not distracted by them, but continue to do the work that God assigned me.
        Am I afraid that they will kill me for this essay? No. I lived already enough in this body: already over 70. And to die by the body, it can be said, I already “have got used to”. For me, it will be simple: I will forever merge with Him — and continue my service without interference from the world of matter.
        However — it’s not for me to decide this, but for Him!
        … I hope that this essay will help some number of people to choose their way to paradise and then to the Abode of the Creator!
        The rest are guilty themselves…

     Short Course of the Basics of Meditation

        Before starting to master meditation practices, it is necessary to understand their purpose.
        If this is not done, then there is a dangerous phenomenon when people are engaged in whatever nonsense, which are offered by their leaders as having the beautiful and tempting name “meditation”.
        For example, it may be an attempt to get out of the body up through the head chakra sahasrara. Because just there, they say, we find God.
        Even worse, when the goal is to gain a coarse “personal power” to dominate over other people — by mastering the gaze from the ajna chakra through the point between the eyebrows.
        And even worse — when they search for “personal power” in the most external black layer of the multidimensionality, which is hell, “outer darkness” in relation to the Creator and the productive part of His Creation.
        Such people — when they are embodied — become devils in the flesh. And they intensively harm — by their gross energy fields — people and other embodied beings. They doom themselves — after disincarnation — to stay in hell. They are the waste of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness…
        Unfortunately, most people, who consider themselves to be religious, tend not to get to cognize God, but only to “get-togethers” with like-minded people and to the sweet feeling of their involvement in the “spiritual movement”, which — in fact — can be the activity of criminal destructive sects.
* * *
        But the true goal of spiritual efforts should be the cognition of God and the achievement — as a result of the present incarnation — of the state of the Holy Spirit, or at least the maximum progress in self-development towards this Goal.
        The meaning of our earthly lives consists precisely in this: we must try — through participation in many earthly events, which are developing us and offered to us by God, also the accomplishment of fully perceived spiritual efforts — to develop ourselves to the Perfection and to merge with the Primordial Consciousness, thereby enriching Him.
* * *
        So, first we need to understand what God is, where He is to be sought, what He wants us to be, what it makes sense for us to devote our lives on the Earth.
        More details on this can be found in all our and other books mentioned in the list of recommended literature.
        In these same books, we have repeatedly discussed the topic of the destruction of self (egocentrism, the primacy of the “lower i”).
        The opposite of the self is humility, which is the life without a perversely developed egocentric self.
        Why is this necessary?
        Such an “i" does not allow us to take the Creator seriously enough as our main Teacher, to learn directly from Him, to get close to Him by the soul, to merge with Him at the end of the Path.
        Ethical impeccability should be the foundation for the further growth of man. Otherwise, a fall is inevitable for the unworthy: by this God stops them on the way to Him.
* * *
        And further — the steps of meditative growth begin.
        First we need to clean the energy of the body. Coarse, looking dark, energies should be removed from the body and surrounding bioenergetical “cocoon”. In this way, we at the same time cleanse ourselves of many diseases. But the main thing is that only with the transparent purity of the body, we can fully perceive God.
        Yes, if we purify our chakras and the main meridians, then we — with both souls and bodies — gradually become transparent for the clairvoyance. And this makes it easy to merge with the bliss of paradise, and then with the Holy Spirits and the Creator.
        The energy structures of our bodies are represented by chakras and meridians. Moreover, groups of purified chakras will need to be consistently combined into dantyans and then into “perception bubbles”. All this becomes necessary at the appropriate stages of self-improvement — to master gradually becoming more complicated meditative methods. (More about this is told in the book “Ecopsychology”).
        The main of all chakras is anahata, located in the chest in the area of the lungs. It is in this chakra, the emotions of heart love are born. We must learn to abide in this chakra, as in our dwelling, as in a bright room. And — we look from it to the surrounding space forward from the body. It is most convenient to train in this on the banks (best of all — on beaches or shallows) of large reservoirs or on mountain tops with a lack of abundant vegetation, because vegetative bio-energies can interfere in the perception of much more subtle forms of non-incarnate life.
        Such trainings for months (with clear warm weather and without a strong wind) make it possible to learn to fill with consciousness (in other words, with the developed soul, consisting primarily of the spiritual heart and named as buddhi) all the visible space — far and wide.
        The spiritual heart must have non-material hands. With these hands of love, we caress all the life around us — everywhere, wherever we get — at thousands of kilometers and more. We hold on the palms of love, filling with tender love, affection — incarnate and non-incarnate beings.
        Then we learn to look from there from the distance — towards our bodies. The center of oneself is shifted there. Thus, in our own practice, everyone is convinced that I can exist fully without a body. Now, if the body is dead, I — am staying! The death of the body is no longer terrible, it does not frighten! It is just a transition to a bodiless state with a complete (now!) awareness of myself, with the preservation of memory, the ability to think and communicate in various ways with other non-incarnate beings.
        Then it will be necessary to master all the same — behind the body. (I emphasize that in this case it is necessary to leave from the chakra anahata in the direction back-down).
        Turn the body back to the space — and we will master the mentioned states. Namely behind the body, everyone may get the ability to see the Holy Spirits and communicate with Them. In this way, we acquire completely clear perception of non-incarnate Divine Teachers. And there are the Countless Scores of Them!
        Why is it better to perceive the space behind our bodies for this?
        In short, we, looking forward, are used to looking at the world of matter; but behind the body the space is not “cluttered up” with images of material objects.
        And then, learning from the Holy Spirits, attuning with Them, embracing Them, merging with Their subtlest and most delicate Giant Forms (Mahadoubles), we gradually learn to be like They are.
* * *
        But we also have to learn how to dissolve — not yet by bodies, but by consciousnesses.
        There are special meditative techniques in order to learn to dissolve oneself in the higher states — for the sake of the subsequent Mergence with the Creator.
        For example, in the beginning, the trainings will be useful in dissolving oneself in harmony of the surrounding nature. “There is only a forest (a lake, a river, a steppe, etc.) soaked with the bliss, and I am not!” This temporary loss of self-awareness means that I am merged with the bliss of paradise, am becoming it.
        We can accelerate the mastering of this task. This is the “total reciprocity”, which is described in detail in our books and films.
        Mastering the above then will allow us to easily merge with the United We of the Holy Spirits.
        … As a result of this work, we achieve, among other capacities, a state, in which the matter of any objects and the planet as a whole — becomes easily permeable for the consciousness. And we can easily switch the perception either on the world of matter — or on the world of the Holy Spirits and Calm of the Creator.
* * *
        All that is said should be combined with the tendency of subtling the consciousness.
        What it is?
        The Absolute is really multidimensional. But His spatial dimensions are not mathematical symbols, but the real layers of space, differing in the level of subtlety-coarseness.
        We can talk about vectors of multidimensionality, piercing through all these layers. At one end of the vector, the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator) is. And the other end goes to hell.
        And each of us now, having the appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, has the opportunity to choose for oneself that layer of the Absolute, which is the most like — in order to settle in it.
        Personally for me, since having found the religious knowledge, the Abode of the Creator was always desirable. And the Creator took me there.
        But there are people who voluntarily rush to hell. They are victims of either religious ignorance or deception, or this way is their quite conscious choice — the choice of those, who have come to the present incarnations from hell, to which they are so used that they do not imagine a different life for themselves.
        A typical example of the latter is the voluntary activity in the “northern capital” of Russia — of the mentioned in the previous essay terror (the word terror means intimidation) of the occult anti-Christian gang, where, among other things, the devilization of adepts was actively taught.
        … So, in order to approach the Creator, one must, on the contrary, become like Him in the level of subtlety.
        This is achieved, first, through a departure from the coarsening environmental conditions.
        We can recall in this connection the commandment of Paul-the-Apostle: “… Turn away from evil, cling to the good!” (Rom 12:9).
        Secondly, attunement of the consciousness both with the harmony of nature, with harmonious incarnate beings, including such people, also with the corresponding works of different art trends — will be facilitating. Very important for this are harmonious sexual relations and eroticism in art.
        And then — we attune with the Holy Spirits and the Primordial Consciousness.
* * *
        I note that the stages of mastering the art of meditation, discussed in this essay, are only the main part of the full program of training, offered to worthy disciples by God. For example, I only casually touched upon the system of psychical self-regulation that was developed by me (see in “Ecopsychology”), I did not talk here about working with Kundalini, with segments, with the “macrocosmic orbit”, with the exploration of eons (lokas) of protoprakriti and protopurusha, about dissolving oneself in the Rest of the Creator in His Abode.
        This essay presents a simplified program-minimum, sufficient, however, for the quick and safe achievement of the designated Goal.
        This branch of spiritual work in Europe is usually called hesychasm — from the Greek word hesychia: inner silence, inner peace. The practice of Hesychasm implies the work on developing oneself as the spiritual heart, where — in the multidimensional depths of which — we cognize God.
        Hesychasm is the main — according to its importance — branch in the Russian Orthodox Church.
        Our achievements are the further development of the methodology of this ancient branch of spiritual work. We have very substantially enriched it with the scientific knowledge and increased its effectiveness.
         But the word hesychasm has the European origin. Whereas the spiritual Schools of the Atlantean, Ancient Egyptian, Pythagorean, Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Old Russian and other religious trends worked in the same direction since very old time.
        Let us remember that we all have one God, Who fills with Himself the whole universe space. And His Teachings are one for all people of both our and all other planets in the universe.
* * *
        Any human activity, directed to one’s own development and the benefit of other beings, can help us become more perfect.
        These can be both physical work, and intellectual activity, and the birth and upbringing of children, and various options for the refinement of the emotional sphere. All them are useful and will come in handy if we follow scrupulously the principles of God’s ethics.
        But the attainment of namely the heights of the spiritual Perfection is possible only through the outlined work on oneself as the spiritual heart. There are no other possibilities for taking the spiritual heights.
        This is not an “invention” of the author: precisely this same was taught by all the Founders of true religious branches, which can be read about in the books: “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”, “Ecopsychology”, and others.
        What prevents us from learning this?

      About Satanic Destructive Sects

        Destructive religious associations (sects) are those that contribute to the disorder of the physical and mental health of their adherents. These can be, for example, those sects where they preach mystical fear, mutilate bodies and “torture the flesh” on “religious motives”, use special methods that destroy the intellectual function, use drugs, prohibit children from receiving elementary school education, etc.
        One of the signs of destructiveness is that, against the backdrop of suggested fear of an almost imminent hell, the demand is “to pray and only to pray”… Whereas a reasonable decision is precisely a meticulous study of the Teachings of God and its fulfillment — both in everyday life in the world of matter, and in direct relationship with Him. (This can be found in detail in almost all of the books published by us).
* * *
        A special group among destructive sects are those in which the devilization of adepts is preached and implanted, that is, the coarsening of souls through training to stay in rough emotional states. Such trends lead to a guaranteed continuation of the lives of the victims of such sects — in hell. And yet — that is, even while living in material bodies — the most powerful of them are called devils in flesh.
        I emphasize that this is catastrophic not only for the victims of such tendencies, but also contradicts God’s Plan for us, people.
* * *
        The reason for the existence of any sect can be seen in the religious-philosophical ignorance of the masses of people. God has already tried many times to bring to humankind the Truth about what He wants to see in us (“Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”), but people, headed by self-seeking and aggressive fools, very soon distorted this Knowledge — sometimes right up to the opposite (“Spiritual Heart — Religion of Unity”).
        I heard such motivation for the adherence to satanism: “God is far away. And the devil is close. Therefore, I will serve the devil.”. What is behind these words? The desire to “lean” on at least some force — anyway, on what — for the sake of one’s own defense…
        But God does not “live” on some earthly mountain or on another planet, but in a multidimensional depth, including inside the body of each of us! He is the universal in size Ocean of Primordial Consciousness! And to find, to cognize Him — it is very simple! This is achieved through spiritual work on oneself, consisting in the ethical purification of oneself and the development of the spiritual heart. And it is in the multidimensional depth within the developed spiritual heart, we cognize God in His different Aspects and Manifestations — and can even join Him forever!
        For the study and practical application of this knowledge, we developed and described in books the new branch of namely modern science, called the methodology of spiritual perfection. It represents — in the historical perspective — the modern developed Hesychasm.
* * *
        All people are prone to make mistakes. And, including, by mistakes we learn not to be mistaken in the future!
        But the reasons for errors can be different.
        It is possible to be mistaken in lack of knowledge when we for the first time find ourselves in new for us situations. In such cases it will be necessary to repent, apologize and repair the damage, if possible, — and never again repeat such actions.
        But mistakes can be self-serving. For example — for the sake of appropriating someone else’s, for the sake of glorifying oneself before other people, for the sake of satisfying one’s own egocentric desires that leads to the sufferings of the victims.
        The mercenary of the committed acts is an important sign that such actions are not just errors, but crimes.
* * *
        In the sphere of religion, there are many such mistakes-crimes. And they may be grotesque!
        Before concretizing, let us touch upon the question: why did God send us to incarnate on the Earth? (More in detail — in our other books).
        He sent us to the Earth so that we could develop and improve ourselves.
        But such perfecting cannot occur quickly, in short durations of time: its speed depends, first of all, on the usually slow dynamics of the development of the intellectual function of each embodied soul. And without a properly developed intellect, a person is not able to understand even the essence of the ethical precepts offered to us by God. And even more so — for such people it is still too early to learn the deep levels of meditative work on themselves: they will get lost!
        Let’s look at some examples:
        — The “clairvoyant” of one of the sects announced that it had flown from the planet Venus and drowned in the swamp near their settlement a certain cylinder with a message for the inhabitants of the Earth. We must find it, because it has an extraordinary value for the restoration of spirituality on our planet.
        In which of the venereal languages is written that message and how to read it — she did not specify.
        But the most important thing here is that the members of that sect do not care about the fact that God really exists in absolute nearness to each of us! He is inside the body of each of us — and tries to draw our attention to Himself! But no! On the contrary, it is necessary, according to the opinion of those spirits-jokers who “lead” that “clairvoyant”, to try to divert the attention of the members of the sect from God!
        — Members of the same sect are carried away by the “revival” of our planet by burning in some “acupuncture points” of the Earth the ritual campfires. They are very proud of being the “saviors” of the Earth and humanity on it — by their selfless labor…
        … I do not have a diploma as a psychiatrist, therefore I do not consider myself entitled to publish a psychiatric diagnosis to these and other sicks, which we will talk about… Let the readers think it through on their own.
        — In the memory of modern Russians, there are still grotesque predictions about the forthcoming transition of our planet to the “fourth dimension”, when all the worthy will be “elevated” to that “dimension”, and the unworthy will suffer a sad fate. Those who drank urine (it was then in fashion — as a method of spiritual work — and was called “urinotherapy”) were enjoying themselves with dreams about the “fourth dimension”.
        Of course, no “transition” happened… The real mastering of spatial dimensions is completely different: it may be received not by idle and unclear chatter, but through quite real spiritual efforts that we have already discussed.
        Think about the diagnosis also in this case…
        — As for the destructive intellectual function of “urinotherapy”, I expressed my opinion in the book “How God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God” and in other books. The weak-minded of people, carried away by “urinotherapy”, destroyed the remnants of the ability to adequately think …
        — People become addicted to drugs by two main reasons: due to a lack of understanding of the meaning of their lives and by “religious” motives, namely — because of the desire to “fly out” of the body and travel in “other dimensions”. But such drugs cause destruction of both physical health and consciousness.
        I remember one of the sects where the “guru” and his students drank vodka during classes — to try, stupefied, to keep, however, a sense of self…
        But one of the truths in the spiritual science is that the perfecting of the soul must be accomplished with a completely clear consciousness. Even the bodily eyes should not be closed during almost all meditative trainings: otherwise the genuine work on the improvement of consciousness is replaced by “head” images and there are only illusions of progress!
        — In some religious traditions, it is customary to “sacrifice to God” parts of the genitals of both sexes. Boys and men cut off for this purpose the foreskin, and the clitorises are cut out for the girls. Such an absurd tradition exists, including in many African countries, but not only. This is especially harmful to the female half of humanity. For so many women, the clitoris is the main erogenous zone; without affecting it, such women are not able to experience orgasm. Sexual relationships can turn for them into lifelong torment… Here is the brightest example of destructiveness in the sectarianism!
        — There is one convincing, but malicious technique that I have seen in various sects trying to work at the level of Raja Yoga. To do this, all participants stand in a circle and join hands. All must enter the concentration of consciousness in this or that particular chakra — and move together in a circle of energy into one and then to other side. Due to this, the presence of these energies becomes quite convincing, proven for each as fact.
        But this should not be done categorically! The fact is that the levels of students’ advancement in any sufficiently large group can radically differ. Some make extra efforts to improve themselves, they have already cleared their chakras and are ready to move on. But others — are lazy or can be sick sometimes with very dangerous diseases. And also there are those who come to classes not for the sake of self-improvement, but only to see: what they are doing here?
        With the application of this exercise, the energies of chakras of all participants are mixed up to some intermediate level. And this can cast the most successful participants far back in their development. And also diseases can be transmitted, especially those of them which have a bioenergetical basis.
        — There is a very dangerous delusion based on the misinterpretation of some of Krishna’s words in the Bhagavad-Gita. Krishna advised to pay special attention to cleansing the chakra ajna with Atmic Energy. The problem is that this chakra is often the most rude — in comparison with the rest of the chakras of a person. This is particularly unfavorable when ajna functions in conjunction with the chakra manipura, which also tends to produce gross emotional states that approach to hell. Therefore, it should be given special attention to the purification and refinement of the energy of ajna.
        But an inadequate understanding of Krishna’s words sometimes leads to the fact that this chakra is exalted to the “title” of the main chakra of a body. And its front window was even called tricutta — the “third eye”…
        But the name “the third eye” is appropriate to use for the “windows” of the chakra anahata, from which we really must learn to look — both into the world of matter, and into the world of the Creator and the Holy Spirits.
        Concentration in the ajna chakra leads to the energy rudeness of a person, his or her sight becomes “prickly”, hard, unpleasant for others. And the victim of this mistake can start using such own qualities as the means of “pressure” on other people, subordinating them to oneself… Here is one of the options of devilizing oneself!
        — There is a tendency to admonish the adepts of sects of their hopeless sinfulness, which plunges into chronic depressive states that are not at all conducive to approaching the paradise.
        If we know of our sins, we must only seriously consider them and repent. And — never again to repeat those mistakes!
        The task of repentance is not praying God for forgiveness for all the life, but learning not to sin!
        — For sectarianism, it is peculiar to pay the main attention not to the desire to cognize God against the background of love for Him, and not to study His Will towards us — but to condemn other people for their alleged “immorality”. This can be expressed in irritated thoughts and words — that they do not dress the way we do, they do not perform prayer movements like us… And, in general, they are not of the right nationality!… And even their sex is not like mine!
        The sectarianism is characterized by, including, the hatred for those women who are forced to get an abortion, although it is not usually their fault, but the fault of really immoral egocentric men who are to be blamed…
        Another sign of the ugly thinking of sectarians is intolerance towards sicks with violations of sexual orientation… (More in my book “Sexology”).
        … Let’s try to look at all such situations from the position of God, rather than a personal sinful malice.
        What does God need from us?
        He needs us to improve ourselves in the intellectual direction of development, cultivate in ourselves the emotions of love-giving, love-caring, work on mastering the subtle soul power.
        God is interested in us not directing to hell (the “dump of the Evolution”) in our incarnate lives, but developing ourselves in the direction of acquiring the likeness to Him in the qualities just listed.
        Rough in their quality emotions of condemnation, anger — this is what pulls us to hell.
        That’s why God teaches us to love — not to condemn, not to hate!
        We should understand that for Him there is no difference in what clothes on our bodies we love the constituent parts of His Creation and Him — the Creator!
        And He also does not condemn the sicks with a disorder of sexual orientation: it’s He Himself Who embodied those people in the bodies where the manifestation of these disorders was known to Him — according to the karma of those souls.
        Let’s try to review different human mistakes — from the Creator’s point of view: what He, but not people, consider good or evil, what can be attributed to not very gross mistakes, but what — to the sectarian destructiveness and even, more so, to satanism submerging in hell.
* * *
        In conclusion, I will give a vivid example of the satanic sect, which here, in Russia, for decades waged war against me. (I have already touched on this situation in a number of my books, beginning with “How God Cognizes. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God”).
        In this sect, which found shelter and protection in one of the state organizations, representatives of several satanic directions have united.
        One of those people was a complete adherent of the worldview of Adolph Hitler, including efforts to increase his evil diabolical personal power.
        He published his own nazi literature, created a fascist political party…
        He could even during hours in a very convincing (for the fools) form scream sets of meaningless phrases, which always ended in one conclusion: it needs to save Russia from the Jews and the Americans who support them!
        Because I repeatedly objected in my books against the nazi ideology, I also have become his personal enemy. In this, he showed himself as a maniac-killer: he threatened through phone-calls and the Internet with massacre, many times tried to entice me for a meeting under different fraudulent pretexts — to kill. Also — in every possible way, he tried to defile my name, inventing different stories about me, managed with my email address and on my behalf to send out massively virus-infected emails…
        There were also other black magicians in that sect, who attracted the creatures of hell and surrounded by those beings their bodies — for the sake of “protecting” them… This was called among them the “Buddhist practices”, although it had nothing with true Buddhism. (False information on such methods could be obtained from the book of J.E.Blofeld “The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet”. (“Dutton”, N.Y., 1970)).
        But the essence of true Buddhism, as well as the Teachings of Krishna, is the same kind of love that Jesus Christ later preached to people. (See “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present” and our other books).
        Among that group of Satanists, there was a physician by education. He, besides said, also actively developed the devil’s energy power in himself by means of radiating it from the ajna chakra. He conducted mass classes, preaching mystical fear, and indulged in hypnosis, immersing students in coma-like states. And those pupils… then looked for the salvation at him — as a physician! — trying to protect themselves from the mystical threats…
        Also — he lectured on the evolution of consciousness… I, of course, did not listen to them and did not read them. But I can assume that under the evolution of the consciousness he understood the replenishment of hell…
        All these and other members of that satanic sect have filled their lives with the gambling hunt for me and harming me and my service. The same they, apparently, arranged for other people who were chosen by them as hunting game.
        … So those who rejected God and His Teachings, who chose the path of hatred and harm to others, mutilate their destinies and rush into the “outer darkness”, as Jesus said (Matt 8:12)…
        … But God is so close: He is right inside our bodies!…

     Campfire at Night
        The fire burns in the quiet night, sparks rise smoothly upward with smoke.
        Only the wood crackles in the fire.
        The tenderness of the night, filled with God, is around…
        This is the place of power of the Holy Spirits — Adler, Thoth-the-Atlantean, and Eagle. A little further away, the Mahadoubles of Volhva and Khem are located.
        And this is an opportune time to feel the space, filled with God, around the body. That is, do not feel yourself inside the Infinity and Eternity of God, but the Infinity as myself, where the unit of time is Eternity…

* * *
        If it does not work at once, you can — as a preparatory stage — master the following:
        I fly on the planet Earth in the Eternity and Infinity of the multidimensional Absolute. Around are visible clusters of stars, galaxies… They are right and left, I am in the middle…
        The Earth is only an infinitesimal bit in Infinity and Eternity of cosmic space filled with the Life of God.
        There is only the universe, I do not feel myself — as a creature living in a material body.
        This means that there has been a dissolution-merging of me into it.

* * *
        The Holy Spirit Martha asks to write down for the incarnate people the following:
        “Anything that does not advance towards Mergence with God, but exists in human life ‘just like that’, as something neutral, is also, to a large extent, an evil! People and other creatures are incarnated by God on the Earth in order to improve themselves, to become — as a result — like We, to flow into Our common One Universal We. Anything that does not correspond to the realization of this task or interferes with it, are clots of filth, which should be removed by people from their lives!”

* * *
        It lights up…
        In the vastness of the valley is the Light-Fiery Mahadouble-Mountain of the Holy Spirit Khem.
        With the help of a developed spiritual heart, one can move into Him, merge with Him.
        There is immense Happiness from the Mergence with God in that “other world”!
        Such Mahadouble-Mountains and other Light-Fiery Divine Formations, created by the Holy Spirits, are intended to help people, embodied on the Earth.
        Khem asks to clarify this for our readers:
        “There may be a Higher Happiness from Mergence with God in His Blissful Rest.
        “And there is also another shade of the Higher Happiness: Happiness not from the Divine Calm, but from the Creating.
        “I will say it again in other words. There are two types of Supreme Happiness: from the Bliss of being the Rest of Living God — and from the active creating the Divine Souls.
        “The souls that have awakened for the spiritual growth are like workpieces for manufacturing perfect details — the Divine Perfect Souls, the Compound Parts of the One Total. Holy Spirits, perform this work.
        “Throughout the Earth, the Divine Persons can seek and find such positively evolving souls, cherish them, love, kiss, embrace, lead the way, immerse into Themselves!
        “Through the love for such souls, you can continue to improve yourselves.
        “But most of incarnate human souls do not respond to the Appeals of God. These are not yet ready-made souls: mired in vices, have not yet cleansed themselves to the proper degree, or are preoccupied with other matters that do not directly coincide with the desire to cognize the Creator.
        “But incarnate people should strive to become like Us: to become Holy Spirits, being equal in Us — as per the Standards.
        “And in personal spiritual perfecting, egocentrism should not dominate. On the contrary, the desire to better serve the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, that is, God — should dominate. It is necessary to reach, then to turn back and — to help, help, help…”
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