A person significantly developed ethically and intellectually is capable of mastering the following five main stages of the growth on the spiritual Path:

   1. This is a preparatory stage: one has to master the true knowledge about God, about the meaning of our lives, about the methodology of the spiritual growth — and then to change correspondingly one’s own way of life.

   2. Then such a person becomes established in the localization of himself in the chakra anahata and perceives the outer world from it, reacts from this chakra to the events that take place around.

   3. Then he/she becomes a spiritual heart much larger than the material body. He/she can assume giant forms similar to the appearance of the human body. Now he/she possesses the ability to move in the universal space as a consciousness free from the fetters of matter: to move, in particular, with the help of the arms of the consciousness which grow from the spiritual heart and are coessential to it.

   4. Having refined himself to the state of the Holy Spirit and having cognize the Creator in His Abode, He/She lives now among other Holy Spirits feeling Them, embracing Them, merging with Them — and together with Them helps other incarnated beings in their spiritual advancement.

   5. Having submerged into the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator) and having finally merged with Him, He/She lives in two main states of the Creator: in Calm or in an active state which is called the Divine Fire. He/She is merged with the wholeness of the Absolute but also comes to incarnated beings as a Representative of the Creator — a Holy Spirit.

One can spend time in nature dedicating it to one’s own spiritual growth and to the spiritual growth of one’s friends.

Study for this purpose:

— books and articles:
Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present, Ecopsychology, Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga, Anatomy of God, etc.

— web sites:
www.meaning-of-life.tv          new!

— video films published on the site www.spiritual-art.info. They are available for free download.

Your readiness will determine your success.

You can prepare yourself with the help of the book Ecopsychology: to learn the principles of spiritual work described in this book and to master the basic exercises for relaxation, for cleansing of the chakras, and for work with the spiritual heart. In particular, one has to learn to look from the chakra anahata.

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