God Is Living God!

Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)
Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
Hiero Nani.

        God really exists. And there is ample modern knowledge of Him, collected in the scientific biological milieu [11-12,14-17, et al.].
        But there is also atheism, which does not accept the existence of God.
        What is the cause?
        This may be the deep viciousness of those souls. For example, they may think as follows: "I'm doing — what I want! And I do not need any teachers from people and no gods, who would like to hinder my wants!". Such thinking characterizes, in particular, active and potential criminals.
        Another cause of atheism may be, on the contrary, a relatively high level of intelligence and therefore the inability to accept namely primitive concepts of God, which dominate in social environments.
        There is the true knowledge of God — and there are various sectarian deviations from it, including gross distortions.
        Atheism deserves to be considered as one of the sects.
* * *
        Knowledge of the existence of God could lead everyone to constant remembrance of Him and the desire to be better before Him.
        That is, one needs to constantly correct and improve oneself — as a soul.
        But for this it is necessary to know the Teachings of God addressed to us, embodied people. In other words, we need to clearly understand, what He wants to see in us. And this is not always fit with traditional sectarian beliefs prevailing in different human populations.
        God invites us to learn to live:
        — in peace of mind,
        — in the emotions of love-tenderness, self-sacrificing love-care,
        — in refinement of the soul,
        — in forgiveness of offenders,
        — with elimination in myself of all manifestations of self-centeredness, hypocrisy, irritability, anger, aggression, violence —
        with the purpose of avoiding as far as possible the coarseness of hell and with the aim of approaching the Creator, Who is Love and the Subtlest, Highest Form of existence of consciousness in the universe, Who is the Basis of All [4,11-13, et al.].
        But how little the adherents of various denominations have heard about this! And even fewer are those who perform these recommendations!
        Most of the pseudo-religious "pastors" impress upon their "flock" the opposite: hatred and enmity to "infidels", to representatives of other countries and nationalities... And the "spiritual work" is reduced to the endless reiteration of the same prayers and participation in supposedly saving ceremonies...
        The ignorance of one for all people Teachings of God leads to the fact that — in place of these Teachings — criminal leaders create their own "doctrine", presenting it to the ignorant crowd as... having a Divine origin. Millions of people may be involved in such sects, they do not know anything, except of murdering, looting, destruction and violence. All such people become inhabitants of hell, which they, having been deceived, understood, when they were incarnated, as paradise...
        ... Yes, some people have named hell — as the paradise... Well, they are sent to hell called "paradise" (joke)...
        ... What to do? Does it need to oppose them the state military power? But this can alleviate the situation only for a while. And then all the same will come again from the beginning...
        The only correct way out consists in widely spreading the true knowledge of God, His Intentions with regard to us, also the methods of discharge of His Plan.
        Only under the condition that people know about all this and try to master this Path to our Creator; carrying out, step-by-step, His recommendations, — they, as a result,
        — will begin to experience the reality of His Love, exhibited to anyone who makes the right steps,
        — become sure, through this personal experience, in His Existence.
        And of only such people, it can be expected that they will never take the path of any crime! And they — after disembodiment — will find themselves in the real paradise or even in more high levels of spiritual ascent.
* * *
        So, we already have discussed that God is not only a symbol and not a fairytale personage created for intimidating a "flock" by criminal "pastors"!
        God is the Reality cognizable by the developed human consciousness!
        God is Living God — Perfect Love, Wisdom, and Power!
        But how to cognize all this personally in my own experience?
        The first — the ethical cleansing and transformation. And — on this basis — the refinement of consciousness [12, etc.].
        Second — as only one of the initial stages of spiritual ascent — mastering emotions of love, in particular, on the background of mutual embrace to those who are worthy. (Of course, this can only be done not in the sight of strangers and with careful observance of ethical norms of behavior [11-12,31, et al.]).
        Holy Spirits, Who represent the Essence of the One Universal God-the-Creator [15 et al.], once reached Their current Status in this way. And Their main state is the Mutual Mergence in the Embraces of Perfect Love.
        Therefore, we, striving to achieve Their Perfection, can learn to embrace each other on the background of emotions of heart love. (On working with the spiritual heart — see in [10-12 et al.]).
        (Let’s pay attention to what the Teachings of Jesus Christ tell us on this subject [13] and on how embodied people distorted and distort these Teachings [5 et al.]).
        First, we embrace with our friends — by material arms.
        But the Holy Spirits do not have material arms. How do They embrace?
        They embrace with Their huge and most gentle non-material Arms, which are consubstantial to Their Spiritual Hearts.
        It makes sense to acquire such Arms for us as well. And to do this is possible only in the embodied state.
        Initially, we develop for this the functions of the spiritual heart. And — from a certain point — we start to feel the emanating of it intangible, tender and subtlest arms of love. Through these arms, we learn to caress and nurture by our love — plants, animals, beloved people...
        Then — we already are holding on our palms whole water bodies or all large areas of land with all their inhabitants...
        At the same time remember that you can not fall in love with the Creator without loving firstly His Creation!
        Thus — we prepare ourselves, with concurrent refinement of the consciousness, to ensure that by these new Arms of Love we can embrace the Holy Spirits, firstly — one in His or Her Mahadouble, then — several at once. It is necessary to master this at energetically pure natural places, but best of all — on specific working places; these abilities will not be obtained in a town house or in bustling streets.
        So we gradually become like Them — and then They include us, still embodied, in Their Family.

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