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Jesus Christ, the Apostles Mark, John, Andrew, and Matthew,
Sufi Grand Master, Sulia, Lada, Kayr, Nikifor,
and all other Holy Spirits

        The mergence of souls in love is the first and most important thing that God recommends to all people who are incarnated on the Earth. 
        We should learn to love, first of all, each other and all the positive elements of the Creation!
        All those who carry this out, overcoming all kinds of possible difficulties, are given preference by God during their apprenticeship with Him.
        Only in this, and in no other way, can one achieve the state of paradise.
        On the contrary, those who oppose themselves to this recommendation of God move away from Him and form hard destinies for themselves.
        On the basis of acceptation or rejection of the given recommendation of God, it is possible to distinguish between the true and false conceptions of diverse religious movements, schools, sects, and groups.
* * *
        Those who walk along the right path develop themselves as spiritual hearts and — thanks to this — learn to love and refine themselves approaching by their quality to Our state.
        This gives them a possibility to cognize Us and to merge — as developed souls — with Us in love.
        It is so, because it is only love that allows souls to merge!    
        At a later time, such Persons continue to develop themselves and extend their knowledge of God, thus obtaining wisdom.
        What can be better and more wonderful?
(This appeal was written down
by Vladimir Antonov)

A Few More Words About the Straight (Short) Path
(brief commentaries by the scientist-biologist Vladimir Antonov)

        We can see that the Straight Path to God is mentioned in some ancient religious literary sources [Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present].
        But what is it more specifically?
        The Straight Path means living a conscious life with the prevailing orientation of one’s attention aimed at the direct and personal cognition of God through one’s love for Him and through the constant application of one’s corresponding practical spiritual efforts.
        ... However, among modern people, there is neither the clear understanding of the meaning of the word God nor the knowledge of where and how one should seek Him!
        ... Now it is very easy to obtain theoretical knowledge about God, because this knowledge is presented in great detail in our books, such as Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present, Ecopsychology, Anatomy of God, Life for God, and others.
        In these books, we also substantiate the fact that one needs to transform and perfect oneself in order to achieve direct cognition of God.
        This self-perfection is composed of the following elements:
        a) the study and implementation into one’s life of the ethical principles that are suggested to us by God,
        b) the intellectual development and accumulation of different types of knowledge, first of all, knowledge about the most important things in life,
        c) the refinement of the consciousness and its quantitative growth.
        Such refinement is achieved by mastering the ability to control one’s own emotions, which implies getting rid of coarse emotions and cultivating the subtle and subtlest ones. For this purpose, one needs to start mastering the art of psychical self-regulation [Ecopsycology].
        Someone may ask: Why does one need to refine oneself? Isn’t it enough just to develop personal power (the power of the consciousness or soul) without refining oneself?
        The point is that the Creator and all His Representatives — Messiahs and Holy Spirits — are the Subtlest Manifestations inside the entire Absolute. That is why we should strive to become like Them in this, more than in everything else, by refining ourselves in spite of whatever difficulties.
        To achieve stable subtlety is the basic way of becoming closer to God by one’s state. Without this, it is impossible to acquire the spiritual Perfection.
        (On the other end of the subtlety-coarseness scale, there is hell. This is the reality that can be cognized not only theoretically from the words of God about this, but also empirically.
        It is quite easy to understand this with the mind without personal experience of the cognition of hell).

        As for the quantitative growth of the consciousness, the only correct* way of effectuating such growth is to develop oneself as a spiritual heart that has active and functional arms of the consciousness.
        Specifically, one needs to understand that movement in “other worlds” is realized with the help of non-material arms; the legs are needed for us only to move inside the world of matter.
        ... The developed arms of the consciousness can easily be turned into giant wings for performing meditative practice flights...
        Decades ago, when I just began to look for the Path to God, He gave me the following image:
        The life of an incarnate soul inside the world of matter is similar, at the beginning, to being boiled in some sort of “cauldron”, in which God prepares the souls that still have dominating attractions to “worldly” things for the higher stages of their development. Here we, among other things, develop ourselves intellectually and learn to distinguish between the good and the evil in ourselves and in other people.
        Having mastered this and having purified ourselves from the vices that we have found, we can become aware of the fact that we do not want to be in this “cauldron” anymore; thus we conceive of the idea of getting out of it.
        Nevertheless, to be able to accomplish this, we must have wings of the soul, wings of the developed spiritual heart consubstantial with it. With the help of these wings, we gradually learn to fly above the human masses that are “boiling” with worldly passions.
        Then, having completely freed ourselves from the fetters of false attractions and passions, we leave this “cauldron” forever, by soaring into the Divine Light. This is what spiritual Liberation is.
        It is important to stress that such Liberation does not imply the death of the body. No, the body continues living being healthy and can even be Divinized. Thus it can serve for the One Who has achieved Liberation even better and for a longer time. It serves this Person in the realization of His or Her help to other people and in the continuation of His or Her self-perfection, which is indeed limitless!
        ... The Evolution of the Consciousness takes place inside the multidimensional universe. In other words, it is the Evolution of God (God in the Aspect of the Absolute). Our predestination is to realize the fact that we are its active participants and to live in accordance with this knowledge. It is for this purpose that God incarnates souls into material bodies, so that these souls can attain the Perfection and then flow into Him thus enriching Him with themselves!
        All that has been said here is fundamental knowledge communicated by God. The rejection of it prevents one from understanding why God has created His entire Creation and us, small particles inside it. (You can read about this in more detail in the books that were already mentioned and in our other books).
        ... Among people there is an opinion that Universal God-the-Creator (God-the-Father) is an old man sitting on a cloud, but in reality He is not anthropomorphous at all! He is like an Endless Living Ocean! And He is not a Man! In fact, He does not have sex, because He encompasses inside Himself All Those Who have attained the Perfection, both Men and Women!
        There is also an opinion that the “Short Path” means to die as fast as possible “for the sake of God”, and “for the sake of God” implies in this case to take with oneself as many “infidels” as possible; this allegedly guarantees the posterior eternal life in paradise... However, those who have followed this deceitful and criminal propaganda find themselves in hell...
        There exist many other absurd and harmful sectarian opinions...
        However, it is undoubtedly better to listen to the opinion of God and to accept it into one’s life!
        I am sure that it will be possible to defeat religious extremism and to establish harmony on the planet in the relations among people only by widely spreading this knowledge about God, knowledge that is modern and universal for all people, and about what He expects from every one of us. This knowledge was received from God and arranged by people of science, experts in this area. This knowledge should be expounded in all languages, through all mass media, in school and university textbooks. We also should not forget about the possibility of helping people spiritually through art.
        By spreading this knowledge, everyone can help both particular people and the entire humanity, and this knowledge will serve these people both right now and in the future. An even more important fact is that by spreading this knowledge, one will actually be helping God in His Evolution.
        God is one not only for people of the planet Earth but for the entire universe. He is infinite by His size! He is indeed Great (Akbar)!
        And in reality, there are no “national Gods” whatsoever!
        Because God is one, the methodology of the cognition of Him through self-perfection is also one; only some nuances, peculiar to different spiritual schools located in different areas on the surface of our planet, can vary.
        Hence, it becomes clear that a concept of “adherents of a different faith” should be cast away with time and forgotten. Let all people become “adherents of common faith”, the holders of the true spiritual knowledge!

*   Here correct means the one that leads to success.

Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual development.

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