The Creator and His Creation

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian by Anton Teplyy
Corrector of the English translation — Keenan Murphy

        Everything that exists in the multidimensional universe is energy that differs according to its quality. All this energy as a whole is called the Absolute, that is, the Creator consubstantial with His Creation. (The Absolute is Absolutely Everything).
        Solid matter is also just energy that has assumed this form and that can become non-material again under certain circumstances (namely, by the Will of the Creator).
        A special kind of energy is the energy of the consciousness, that is, the units or the accumulation of the units of the consciousness that are capable of being aware of themselves and thinking. The most important one of them is the Creator, Who calls Himself the Heart of the Absolute, which means Its fundamental, main Part.
        The Creator dwells in His Abode — the subtlest spatial dimension. That is why the Path towards the cognition of the Him lies through the refinement of the consciousness by means of regulation of one’s own emotional sphere (psychical self-regulation) and the attunement with that which is subtle and beautiful.
           God — if we examine Him as the Absolute and as the Creator — is one. He exists as One Integral Organism, even though He is composed of numerous components.
        We can see the analogy between the structure of the Absolute and the body of every one of us. Namely, our bodies are also composed of numerous quite different biological tissues, organs, and cells.
        The Creator, in turn, can be described as the Totality of the Holy Spirits mutually merged in the Embraces of Divine Perfect Love. The criterion that allows us to identify Them is the subtlety of the consciousness that They reached and that is equal to the level of the subtlety of the Creator in whole. 
        When They manifest Themselves as Divine Individualities, They usually maintain the same Appearance that They had in Their last incarnation at the peak of the development of Their Divine Perfection. This Appearance naturally has the traits peculiar to the sex of the body that each one of Them had. 
        There are a countless number of Holy Spirits. This multitude was formed in the course of practically infinite existence of the Absolute.
        The Creator, as well as the Absolute, is universal and infinite in size. To attribute to Him the appearance of a human body or of a body of some animal is a manifestation of naivety and incompetence, to say the least.
        Every One of the Holy Spirits is capable of coming from the Abode of the Creator to the Creation in order to accomplish certain work there. One of such important kinds of work is helping incarnate people in their spiritual development or perfection. (When Jesus Christ spoke about “daily bread”, He did not mean material but spiritual food, spiritual Knowledge).
        The Creator — through Holy Spirits and Messiahs — manifests His Love-Care towards all people by offering them knowledge about spiritual development. (It was appropriate that Jesus was called the Savior. His salvational Mission consisted in giving people the salvational Knowledge. We, for our part, should study and fulfill that which the Creator commanded us through Jesus).
        Incarnate people have a right to make efforts or not to make them on the spiritual Path. Additionally, their efforts can be false or correct. That is why the Care of the Holy Spirits for every person can be quite different. For example, someone has to learn not to cause pain to others, and the Holy Spirits make this person drop this habit through his or her own pain. Another person — a worthy disciple of God — is floating along the life like along the river of the Highest Bliss, even though he or she does not cease the personal efforts to become even better and to help others even more efficiently.
        Everyone has different capabilities of understanding God and the Path to Him. This depends, among other factors, on the ontogenetical age of a soul (the age of the soul in this incarnation) and also on the psychogenetical age (the age that the soul has obtained throughout all its incarnations).
        ... However, another question arises, which I do not know if someone else has discussed in literature. This question is: why did God need to create the material Creation, including the lives of all beings and of every one of us?
        The majority of psychogenetically young incarnate people do not think about this at all; their behavior does not differ much from the life of animals (more detail in book [15]). 
        People who are more evolutionarily developed also very often wander in the darkness of ignorance and commit ethically significant mistakes that negatively affect their future destinies.
        In reality, we need to understand, first of all, that God evolves.  His Evolution is realized by accepting inside of Himself the human consciousnesses that have been capable of growing up to the Divine Perfection.
        From this, we can conclude that God is directly interested in the successful development of people that He incarnates into the world of matter and that those who impede the process of spiritual evolution cause harm to their victims, to God, and to themselves, by making their own future destinies worse. (For example, there is a false opinion that children should only pray in temples instead of studying in schools...).
        The development of every person is composed of intellectual, ethical, and psychoenergetical components. (We have discussed this topic in detail in many of our books, which can be found in the bibliography at the end of this article).
        Another thing that should be taken into account is that the evolution of individual consciousnesses, which the Creator gradually prepares for the Mergence with Him, does not take place only in human bodies. Animals and plants are also animated beings! The gradual maturing of souls occurs in their bodies as well, so that these souls can be incarnated in human bodies afterwards. That is why we must treat animals and plants as our small brothers and sisters and not cause unjustified harm to them, which includes not killing them unjustifiably.
        To kill animals for the sake of eating their bodies or using their skins does not correspond to the principle of Love, declared by God through Jesus Christ and other Divine Messengers. For this reason, God does not expect that people who do not correspond to His ethical ideas will be able to reach His Abode in the foreseeable future (more detail in the book [19]).
        ... But why, in order to perfect themselves, do souls need to be incarnated into the material world? Can’t they develop in the non-corporeal state?
        The fact is that the Creation was made by the Creator in such a way that our bodies — with their digestive and bioenergetical systems — are able to transform the denser energy of material food into the energy that can be used for the quantitative growth of souls (consciousnesses). This process is very important because in order to flow into the Creator, one, as a consciousness, should not only become subtle but also huge, strong, and capable of functioning!
        Almost every incarnate unit of life is valuable to the Creator. Exceptions can be made only when we defend ourselves from dangerous animals that attack us or from the devilish souls (aggressive primitives) in human bodies  who can only hate, condemn, calumniate, humiliate, kill, rob, deceive, violate, etc. Devilish pseudo-religious preachers instill in them the idea that they will find themselves in paradise, but this is a fatal mistake! This will not be paradise, but hell...
        God, on the contrary, suggests the opposite thing to us, namely, not to judge, not to condemn, to avoid any conflictive situations and corresponding coarse emotions and instead dedicate ourselves to the internal self-perfection in the first place, i.e., to the development of ourselves as souls or consciousnesses. Jesus Christ, Lao Tse, and Sathya Sai were the Ones Who taught this to people most vividly [5,12,14]. 
        ... Someone can object by saying: on what grounds does the author expound this conception? How can he prove his opinion?
        I will answer from a bigger scale of view.
        God — in all His Aspects and Manifestations — is really cognizable by those people who are mature enough for this and who have dedicated their lives to the spiritual self-perfection and to helping others in this. These people also have to be ethically pure. Only then do the Holy Spirits gradually reveal to such practitioners the secrets of cognizing Them, the Creator, and the entire multidimensional Absolute.
        Everything that is explained in this article and in our other works has really been cognized by me and by those to whom I managed to help to ascend the spiritual heights.
        Moreover, on the basis of the acquaintance with our materials, everyone can make a personal plan of self-perfection and follow it year after year. While doing this, one can also periodically write reports (for oneself and before God) and trace new stages of ascension. In this case, God will reveal the exact same Knowledge to the person who advances successfully.
        ... The Creator exists in several states. These are Calm, Divine Light, and the Fire Manifestation. The brightness of His local luminosity increases as the energetical activity of the Holy Spirits, Who can be colossal by Their size, increases. The Holy Spirits are also capable of condensing Themselves partly to become more perceptible for Their incarnate disciples. This is manifested most vividly on Their working sites (see [13]).
        The Holy Spirits are never of black color and are never coarse by Their emotional status. Demons and devils can be like this and can call themselves sometimes by elevated names.
        Thus, it should have become clear to the reader that the main sign of the Divinity is the highest subtlety of the consciousness and that those who are emotionally coarse are the creatures of hell.
        In the same way, we can evaluate the worthiness of those people who have pretensions to the role of spiritual leaders. The subtlety of the consciousness and the high level of the development of the spiritual heart, along with competence and decency, are the most important criteria for evaluation.
        Instead of these qualities, we observed the opposite ones on many occasions!...
        For example, I remember one of my acquaintances, a guy who did not have any decency at all. At that time, I was very young in the spiritual field, and because of this I taught him, even though I should not have, some methods of psychical self-regulation. I could not even imagine that the ethical component of development can turn out to be absolutely alien to one of those who know about the existence of God! And this was not because I did not speak about the fact that God wants to see in us our ethical purity, first of all!
          Because this guy persisted in his vices, God “endowed” him with a demon who settled in his body. It was a male of a big monkey.
        The behavior of the guy started changing radically: he began to grimace in public like a monkey and considered this to be very... humorous...
        I told him about his trouble.
        However, instead of correcting himself as soon as possible, he adopted a tendency to intentionally identify himself with that monkey! He even started calling himself primate and announced on the Internet that now he was moving on his two legs quite often... His energy degraded to the level of coarse animal primitivism, and his vocabulary became filled with obscene words. At the same time, he recruited disciples to teach the art of meditation to them...
        The most surprising thing for me in this story was the fact that he managed to find a great number of followers who wanted to learn his primativism...
        In this example, we can see the illustration of the fact that God appoints sinners to hell with the help of demons, among other means.
        ... Nevertheless, may no one think that all animals — both incarnate and non-incarnate ones — are dangerous for people!
        Animals that belong to highly developed biological species can be subdivided, in the same way as people, into hellish ones, paradisiacal ones, and those who have an intermediate status.
        Spiteful and egoistic animals are hellish; they are like this right now, while incarnated, and they will find themselves in hell after disincarnation.
        On the contrary, tender, caring, and altruistic animals are paradisiacal, and there is no sense to cry on their tombs, as people sometimes do. Vice versa, it is more correct to be glad for them, because they will live in paradise from that moment on!
        The same thing is true for those paradisiacal people who left the world of matter. Now it is their turn to look at incarnate people and feel sorry for them for being enmeshed in the nets of materialism! 
        The destiny of animals that live in close contact with people is determined by their education to a significant degree.  In order to assure paradise for those animals that you take care of, you need to cultivate paradisiacal qualities in them and wean them from hellish ones.
        ... We have already discussed that the Absolute is One Integrated Organism of a universal scale. This becomes very clear if we look from the Light-Fire states of the Creator, from the “Heart of the Absolute”, towards the Creation. In this case, we will observe an uninterrupted continuum that connects the layers of the multidimensionality up to the solid matter of the Creation. 
        We can also temporarily contrast the Creator with the Creation. In this case, the material body of every one of us will be perceived as a connecting link or the mouthpiece between the Creator and the Creation.
        Additionally, we can learn to smoothly “swim” from one state of the Creator into another or to proceed as Mahadoubles from Him (see in [13]) and lean over worthy incarnate spiritual practitioners in order to give them pieces of advice.
        A person who has mastered all this achieves a right to reach even more interesting and promising stages of development.
        ... However, many spiritual seekers face an insurmountable obstacle at the very beginning of the Path. This obstacle is that they do not understand how to begin this Path.
        So I will briefly explain this.
        It is better to start with studying what God suggests to us in this respect. The book [12], among others, in which we have gathered the sayings of the highest spiritual value of ancient Atlanteans, of Pythagoras, of Jesus Christ, of Divine Native Americans, of Indians, including Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji from Haidakhan, of Sufis, and of many other Great Souls, can be of a big help in this work. At the same time, we should see that despite the fact that the methodology of spiritual development is common and universal for all people, there are many different variants of mastering these or those stages inside it.
        While studying spiritual philosophy, the emphasis should be made on the ethical purification of oneself. It is the respective books that can help accomplish this most successfully. I once printed on a typewriter for myself and for my friends the excerpts from such books, read those excerpts many times “imprinting” them in the soul, and underlined, on margins, the most important phrases for myself on that stage of my development. Now everyone can do the same thing in a much easier way with the help of a computer.
        Simultaneously, it makes sense to realize bioenergetical purification, which is described in detail in the book [13].
        All this is just a preparation, while the big spiritual work starts with mastering the functions of the spiritual heart.
        It is quite common to hear that people speak about “living by the heart”, understanding this only as a blind and uncritical following of one’s own emotions. They do not even know where the spiritual heart is and what it is intended for. 
        By now all this was discussed at greater length in such books as [13] and in our other works. That is why I will cover this only shortly.
        At the beginning, the spiritual heart is the personal consciousness that has completely filled the chest cavity, in that place where the lungs are. This structure is called the anahata chakra.
        One can learn to expand the spiritual heart to all sides, transforming oneself into a big and then into a huge spiritual heart that embraces the expanses above the surface of the Earth, then the entire Earth itself, and then it expands even more.
        Initially, while a person makes his or her first steps in mastering the functions of the spiritual heart, he or she learns what the bright emotions of spiritual love are, how it is possible to feel them at will and to really love all harmonious objects of the surrounding world and the whole world itself, the whole Creation of the Creator! This fills the life of this person with spiritual joy and happiness and turns into a very important stage for his or her further spiritual growth!
        Let me note that it is impossible to learn to love the Creator without learning to love His Creation first! This is a law established by Him!
        And without love for God, it is impossible to approach Him and cognize Him!
        On the higher stages of spiritual development, a practitioner should transform himself or herself into a spiritual heart similar to the endless ocean. Inside of it, he or she will find blissful calm that is necessary for further advancement.
        All the leftover emotions of condemnation, which almost all non-spiritual people live in, disappear in this state so that one cannot feel them anymore.
        Rajneesh, a famous Indian guru [2,12], from the moment when he mastered this, asked his followers to call him Osho, which means Ocean.
        A lot of people began to worship Rajneesh, but we offer you something bigger, namely, the methods that allow everyone to transform himself or herself into the oceanic spiritual heart or to become Osho, in other words. 
        When a person really progresses in this direction, he or she obtains the ability to perceive (feel, see, and hear) the Divine Teachers — the Holy Spirits. They — day after day, month after month, year after year — will guide every worthy disciple through the stages of cognition of God in His different Aspects, such as the Holy Spirits, the Creator, and the Absolute. Thus the successful Disciples of God gradually turn into spiritual Masters (Matreyas) and Messiahs (Avatars), and when They disincarnate, They Themselves become Holy Spirits, attaining forever the highest Haven — the Abode of the Creator.    
        We have studied this Path thoroughly, even though we have not achieved everything that is possible to achieve on it.
        We do not conduct any mass events, like lectures or classes. There is no necessity in this, because everything that is needed for advancement is explained in our books and shown in our films.
        It is possible to designate what was described in this article as the Straight Path, the modern developed Hesychasm, the Highest Yoga, the true Taoism, Sufism, and Buddhism, as well as the fulfillment of the Teachings of Jesus Christ (see the book [14]) or, in other words, the summit of Christianity.
        Jesus Christ, His Divine Apostles, and all other Divine Teachers or the Holy Spirits wish success to all those who walk this Path!
        I wish peace to all of you!

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